Answer the Questions and Win the iPhone 7 | Beware Before you Enter this Competition 😱

In this post, we offer you a detailed explanation of the topic of how to win an iPhone 7 by answering questions only to win phones from the Internet, very important and very useful information for you that you should know about before entering the profit website through competitions to earn free money
Have you ever looked at how to win an iPhone 7 by answering questions in some competitions? Or have you thought and have a desire to find this way to earn money?
So you should read this article well, as it contains very important information about the success of this method in addition to a warning from swindlers and fraudulent sites that have spread widely in the recent period and have defrauded many people with the aim of their desire to have a modern and new iPhone
In addition to explaining how you can own an iPhone 7 for free through honest sites and 100% guaranteed and reliable competitions.

An Introduction

There are many competitions that award many prizes, including cash prizes, including winning phones from the Internet in various ways
In this context, the most common way for this type of profit is to answer questions and win a phone, yes .... so with ease and simplicity
There are ways to win by answering polls, and there are ways of daily competitions
And it is indeed that through reviewing the research information that people are searching for, we have found many results that confirm that they are searching for how to win an iPhone 7, iPhone X or ipod touch 7 or win a Huawei and Samsung 2020 phone or win an OPPO phone and many other phones
Through our search for the most important search results we have found many sites that offer this feature and we have confirmed that they are fraudulent and fraudulent sites
We will prove this to you with pictures, evidence and evidence, and then we will provide you with the best, easiest and most reliable and reliable way to win a modern phone through real competitions and methods from websites with very high credibility

What are swindlers website

There are many website swidely spread in the Internet in the early search engine results related to winning free phones, all of which operate with the same deceptive profit system.
It is a few simple questions that you will answer to win the phone
The questions are as follows:
Do you like iPhone 7?
Have you ever owned an iPhone?
What are the most features that you love on iPhone
What programs do you like to use
After you answer it, a window will appear to you that says "Congratulations, you won the iPhone 7". You have to share the article with your friends to receive the award!
Once this message appears to you, you should know and make sure that this website is a quorum
The final result of winning the prize will be like this as shown to you in this picture
And in order for these websites to complete their deception and make you trust them, you put comments below the prize talking about people who have already won the iPhone 7 from this site!
But these comments are also fake and deceptive and have been added programmatically inside the website script, and it appears to everyone who enters the website automatically
In order to break the suspicion of certainty and know that these sites are 100% quorum and that these comments are fake and not real, we will put you with important information that proves what we say
Question: Since these comments are real, and they are for people who won the iPhone 7, you also won, where are the comments?
Why isn't there a section dedicated to comments? You, too, the website tells you that you won a phone, so why not allow you to post a comment?
And most of all, these fake comments, if we assume for the sake of argument that they are real, how did they comment and express their opinion?
So here we are to summarize you and prove to you that these websites are fraudulent and deceptive and you must not enter them and not trust them
And now, my dear, we leave you with very important articles to win phones for free, in addition to many explanations to earn money through competitions, do not forget to share the topic with your friends so that everyone can benefit from it
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