Apple Announces IPhone 12 | launch What Stands Out From the Note 20

Several reports from several sources revealed that Apple intends to launch the IPhone 12 soon and will be put on the market in a short time.
Other sources, following up on the technical issue and the development of international mobile companies, revealed that the iPhone 12 version will cause Samsung to recalculate its accounts and consider developing new versions competing with "Apple", the version that beat Note 20, and this is what we will explain to you in this article in detail.

Introduction to iPhone 12

According to sources interested in this field, reports revealed that Apple has made the new phone work with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 processor while the latest Samsung phone "Note 20" works with a Qualcomm X55 processor, and the latter is much lower than the quality of the processor that works with iPhone 12
And for those who do not know that this type of processor is considered one of the most powerful types ever and has not been used before in all types of mobile devices, this will make "Samsung" recalculate and think carefully about updating the road and renewing the path in relation to the technology of making phones, as this The version "iPhone 12" beat all Samsung devices over long distances, and no one expected this superiority in this new phone, and we will explain to you the most important features and specifications of iPhone 12, this wonderful phone, which is awaited by millions around the world

IPhone 12 Features

The iPhone 12 will work with the best performance among all mobile devices at all levels as the Snapdragon X60 processor has been upgraded and is now able to collect mmWave and all 6GHz sub networks with the strongest performance available in the field of mobile phones in all companies
This version is available in two versions, the regular iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, and it also has the A14 Bionic very powerful chip.
The same sources indicated that this version has improved front and back cameras and its accuracy and quality surpasses that of Sony's most famous cameras with its unique camera.
Supports 5G communication services and excels in the quality of communication in all respects on Samsung phones due to the extreme accuracy in performance and interior design, as well as the distinctive and exquisite exterior design, which was designed with the strongest standards of beauty and elegance
It is expected, according to leaks, that the iPhone 12 will also overcome the new Google Pixel 5, which will be launched in the markets this year.
According to reliable leaks from sources related to following up on corporate news, the iPhone 12 will not be expensive and will be at a low price other than what is expected, as the leaks confirmed that the price of the new phone will be less than the price of the version before the "iPhone 11" by an amount between 60 $ To $ 50
Close-up of the iPhone 12
This is according to Apple's marketing view of the new release spreading very quickly to compete with Samsung, which is at the top of the best-selling companies
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