Coinmama explains best bitcoin website to buy via paypal and visa card

We offer you the best website for buying Bitcoin directly without the need to mining to get it via coinmama 2021 - 2022

Bitcoin is the most expensive currency in the world regardless of it is an electronic currency, as the price of 1 bitcoin reaches more than 7,370.26 USD at the date of this article
Bitcoin is one of the best ways to profit and trade online
As the Bitcoin coincided significantly, in 2017 it reached more than 19,000 USD
While it was worth 1 Bitcoin $ 300 a few years ago
But the difficulty is how to get bitcoin
More than 90% of those who trade on bitcoin can only obtain bitcoin through mining
However, in this article we brought to you a wonderful and reliable site that sells Bitcoin and enables you to purchase bitcoin through many payment methods ((Paypal, bank cards, banker, cash and many other payment methods))
To start earning with Bitcoin, you must create your own portfolio and you can create the portfolio here
We will now begin by explaining how to buy bitcoin from this great site
First you will enter the coinmama site and you will find the registration link on the site at the end of the post
You first register on the site and registration is very easy, you put the email and password and you confirm the account via a message that you receive in the email you registered in
Thus you will enter the control panel of the site, there are many virtual currencies that you can buy through the site
You can buy any quantity you want through this site, and this is what distinguishes the site
The site has the strongest protection system for sites in the world
Then dear click on the right and choose the section for Bitcoin
And then you choose how much you want to buy from Bitcoin
There are ready options on the site for you to choose from, or if you want to manually choose the value in the right section as shown in this image below.
Then my friends put your wallet code for Bitcoin and click OK
Here is the last step, which is choosing the method of payment. When you choose to pay via Paypal, the payment page will pop up for you
If you choose to pay via Visa, you will include the card information
And now we leave you with this video in which we explain how to buy bitcoin via Visa Card through coinmama website
This way, dear, the bitcoin that you purchased will arrive in your wallet in less than a minute from the purchase.
We hope you benefited from the explanation and leave you now with the link to register on the site
Do not forget to share with your friends for the benefit of others
To register for coinmama from here
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