Comparison Between IPhone 12 And Samsung Note 20 | It is Better ?

In the article, we present to you a strong comparison between iPhone 12 and Samsung Note 20 | We compare the features and specifications of each of them, so who will win and who is better between the latest version of Samsung and the latest version of Apple
Millions around the world are awaiting new and upcoming releases from Apple and Samsung, IPhone 12 and Note 20.
There has been a lot of talk recently about the versions of the largest international companies in their new releases
Yes, everyone knows what are these modern phones that will be launched soon, but everything that is said about them is likely to be true or false.
However, according to insiders and observers, according to leaks interested in the technical field, we were able to obtain certain advantages for each of these upcoming phones (iPhone 12 and Note 20)
We will compare them, and see what is the phone that will overcome the other with its specifications and features in a practical and logical manner
First we start with an iPhone 12
It assembles mmWave and all 6GHz subnets with the strongest performance available on the mobile phone platform of all companies
This is not available in the Note 20 phone, in this case the iPhone 12 overcomes the Note 20 in this feature
IPhone 12 runs on the most powerful processor ever for mobile devices and it's the prestigious and distinguished Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 processor
This is also not available on the Note 20
The iPhone 12 Explanation is the A14 Bionic chip, which is considered one of the most powerful chipsets ever

These are found in the Note 20 but with lower quality and this is true, but since they are available we must say that they are equal in this feature
The iPhone 12 supports 5G communication services, which in turn are supported in the Note 20, here also we can say equal in this feature
The price of the iPhone 12 is everyone expects it to be 50 or 60 USD less than the iPhone 11
While according to technical leaks, the Note 20 phone is expensive, but we cannot judge this point until the phones are launched in the market in order to judge them
We move to the Note 20
Note 20 has a very distinctive design that is longitudinal and curved. The phone also has 5 rear cameras and two front cameras
In this feature, it overcomes the design of the iPhone 12
The fingerprint sensor has been added and integrated with the phone screen to be more professional and advanced in all previous versions of the company
This feature is available in iPhone 12, and here we judge them equally
The stylus pen will be located in the bottom part of the phone
As for this feature, the Note 20 overcomes the iPhone 12
This is a picture at the top that shows you the design of the iPhone 12 and Note 20 closely, so that the designs and the exterior structure are clear to everyone
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