Details of the Adsense payment verification address | Not accepting the address!

In this post, we offer you a solution to the problem of not accepting the residence address “Proof of address validity” through a detailed and sufficient explanation to solve this problem and how to write the address in a correct format acceptable by Google

There are many publishers suffering from many problems in proving and activating the AdSense account for many reasons, and the majority of these reasons are due to their ignorance and lack of full knowledge of Adsense laws and policies and how to deal with the requirements to activate the account as Google wants
Among the most important of these problems is not accepting the correctness of the housing address to activate the AdSense account or cancel the suspension of the account
Here, you should know that this problem is not a serious problem, and solving this problem is very easy
As not accepting the housing address that you provide is not necessarily that there are other problems in your account, but rather because the form of the address that you have provided is incorrect or that it was written incorrectly and is not accepted by Google Adsense
The solution to this problem is that you write your address in the following format:
First: the full name as it is in the identity
Second: The address of the street you live in (you can get it from Google Maps)
In addition to street number, home, and floor, all of this information can be obtained from either Google Maps or the Civil Status Directorate
As there is a lot of information related to the housing address that is written in electricity or water bills, it is written in an incorrect format, so Google rejects it.
Here is an image that shows you how the format of the housing address is correct
As you can see in the image, this form is required to accept the address in proof of AdSense account, to cancel the suspension or to cancel the suspension of payments
Here we finish the explanation, we hope to be successful and we have solved your problem
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