Download the Blogger App For blogging by phone Make money online

We present to you in this post the official mobile program for the Blogger platform to facilitate the task of profiting from the Internet by phone by writing posts in Blogger blogs without the need for a computer, with a download link for Android and iPhone 2021

Have you entered into the field of profit from the Internet by creating your own website on the Blogger platform?
Are you a beginner, having trouble logging into Blogger and having difficulty posting and controlling the blog because you don't have a computer?
No, you have, through Blogger, Google launched the Blogger mobile app in order to solve all your problems and to be able to publish and control your website via mobile quite easily.
We will explain to you the most important advantages of the application and we will put you a link to download the application for Android and iPhone devices at the end of the post
It is worth noting that the blogger platform launched this application years ago but it deleted it and stopped it due to problems in the application technology and because it did not have the tools that bloggers need
But it solved all these problems and re-launched the application again for Android and iPhone devices
Among the most important advantages of the application is that it saves you a lot of effort, fatigue and the trouble of controlling the blog through the browser
And that this application is the official version supported by the Blogger service, and we will put you direct links to download

Blogger Benefits

The program is small in size and does not exceed 14 MB
The program is smooth to operate and easy to use in controlling, writing and posting blogs
You can attach pictures to every post through the application
The application supports the ability to link specific words with links to transport visitors
Supports the ability to designate labels for each post separately
You can publish posts endlessly through the Blogger application
The program can be controlled and run easily
It is a great application that will make you really love it and maybe you will give up on the computer and do not need it anymore because through this application you will post a new post as if you are posting on Facebook
Now we leave you with this video where we explain how to use Blogger and you will find links to download the application under the video
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you with download links, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of all
To download Blogger for Android
Download the Blogger app for iPhone
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