Download Blogger app | for iPhone for Free The original Blogger app

In this article we offer you to download the official Blogger program and the original copy of the iPhone devices for profit from the Internet by writing posts on the phone through the Blogger application

If you are an iPhone user and if you have a blog on Blogger, you need this very important post.
Where we will put in your hands a blogger program for iPhone for free with a direct download link in addition to a detailed explanation of the program and how to use it
Blogger is a program developed by Google's Blogger service
It was developed to help beginner bloggers post blogs by phone with this great program
We will go into explaining the most important advantages of the program and put at the end of the article a link to download the program directly

Blogger app benefits

The program is small in size, 14 mb
It is smooth in operation and easy to control and write
You can put pictures in each post
Supports the ability to link specific words with links to transport visitors
Supports the ability to designate labels for each post separately
You can publish posts endlessly through the Blogger application
The program can be controlled and run easily
Here we have finished explaining the program, we leave you now with a link to download the program
Do not forget to share the topic with your friends for everyone to benefit from
Download Blogger for iPhone
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