Explanation of keywordtool to get the keywords of YouTube and Google search engine

We offer you a detailed explanation of the best site for obtaining keywords in YouTube and the Google search engine, which is the keywordtool.io website, and how you achieve the maximum benefit from it to export search engines to increase YouTube views and get legitimate visits

If you have a YouTube channel, or if you have a website, this post is very important to you
You may have heard before about keywords, but how much do you know about them, and how can you benefit from them in terms of spreading YouTube videos or publishing articles for the Google search engine?
All of this we will explain to you in addition to explaining the best website for obtaining keywords for YouTube and websites for the most searched words in all search engines which is keywordtool.io website
What are the keywords?
Keywords are the core of success in the world of the Internet, whether on YouTube or websites, and they mean the most searched words in the search engine
This is what the channel owner or website owner must rely on to reach the target audience
Any video or article on the web, if the title and description are free of the keywords needed to reach the audience, will not reach the people, which makes the content free of views and visits.
In this context, there are many websites that provide keyword services, but the best of them is the famous keywordtool, which is number 1 in the field of obtaining keywords to improve SEO and all its services for free, in addition to some paid services.
The keywordtool website has very awesome features, as it gives you the keywords for all the most popular search engines in the world, including:
Google search engine
YouTube search engine
Twitter search engine
Facebook search engine
Search engine for e-stores like Amazon, eBay and others
Play Store search engine
In addition, it provides you with profit rates for every click of the visits that come according to the keywords
And that when you rely on these sentences and words in your videos and articles, you will get video views and many visits to articles as a result of your search engines and thus you reach the audience that is interested in the content that you provide
And now we leave you with this video in which we explain the most important advantages of the keywordtool service and how to get strong keywords, and you will find a link to enter the website under the video
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you with the link to enter the site
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