Explanation Yllix | Adsense Alternative And How To Earn $50 A Day From Blogger

We offer you a detailed explanation of the advertising company Yllix, which is one of the best alternatives to Adsense to profit from the Internet and how to earn 50 dollars a day easily, accepts all small sites and accepts Blogger

If you have a new blog on the Blogger platform or if you have a website in WordPress and it has been rejected by Google Adsense and you want an alternative to Adsense to make a profit and earn money from your site then in this case you need Yllix advertising company
Many blogs and websites are rejected after being reviewed by Google Adsense
This is due to many reasons. Some of the content is insufficient or if there are violations in the articles that are published or related to the site template.
Whatever the reasons for refusal, it is necessary to search for alternatives to Adsense, in this case we recommend you to Yllix, the leader in this field, which is one of the best advertising companies after Adsense and some other companies
What distinguishes this company is that it accepts all websites without exception, and whatever the number of visits and whatever number of articles your site or blog will be accepted immediately upon registration and opening a new account in the official website of Yllix
Advantages of Yllix
Yllix has a large number of ad types, for example:
Surprise popup ads
Anchor ads (Banner ad)
Advertisements redirect the visitor to an ad page for a short period and return it to the main page
Notification ads (a small notification pops up) that appears even with the ad blocker
App download ads, these would make a huge profit for technical and technology sites and game download sites
Animated ads that remain on the page and move as the visitor moves the page
But you must not select the option (ads +18 for adults), in order to display relevant ads that suit all age groups, but this is up to you, you have the decision to do so
The registration in the company is very easy, all you have to do is enter the registration link at the end of the post, after that you open a new account by setting the name, email and password and clicking on register
Then the account activation message will send you to the email you registered with, click on the account activation link, and so your account will be ready.
One of the best features of Yllix is ​​that it does not require confirmation that you own the website, you just generate ad code as you wish and copy it and place it anywhere within your site and profits will be calculated directly with the number of visits and seeing ads and their appearance and clicks, without the need to verify the website
And the payment methods on Yllix website, the most important of which are: Paypal - bank transfer - Pioneer - Bitcoin and other payment methods ....
The minimum payment is only $ 1 for payment via Paypal, and for all other payment methods, each method has its own minimum
To explain how to obtain ads and how to generate ad codes, you must enter the "Ad tags" section in the top section of the control panel and then you choose the type of ad that suits you and then click "Generate"
Thus, the site will give you the ad code, you copy and paste it on your website, and the ad will appear on your website or blog within a minute after installing the ad.
This is an image that shows you how to generate advertising codes
Thus, you will have learned everything related to this wonderful company, and we will leave this video for you below to watch it in full. We will explain to you everything related to profit from the Internet through advertisements and explain important strategies to maximize profits
Here we have finished explaining my dear, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of all
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