How to successfully open an account and add %99 service via Fiverr

In this post, we offer you a detailed explanation of the profit from the Internet through the Fiverr website for mini services - we will explain to you is how to open a new account, how to receive profits and how to add a new service in a correct and successful way 2021 - 2022

This article is the start of a cycle of profit from the Internet and make money on the Fiverr website to buy and sell mini services
We will dedicate this article to explaining how to open a new account in Fiverr, how to add a new service correctly without errors and in ways that make your service spread widely and bring you a lot of customers to buy, which increases your profits and increases the amount of sales you have

What is Fiverr?

It is a website for microservices, and it is the No.1 website in the world for buying and selling services via the Internet
Many websites have imitated the idea of ​​Fiverr
However, the Fiverr website is still on the top of the sites for selling services until now. The website ranking has reached 351 globally, according to the Alexa website ranking platform. This, if anything, indicates its success, credibility and great acceptance.
Anyone can register with Fiverr, open a new account, sell their services in it and start earning money and work at home
Anyone can also buy from it, and both the seller and the buyer have a 100% right guaranteed
As Fiverr plays the role of mediator between the seller of the service and the buyer, meaning that when you add a service in Fiverr and one of them purchases it, the buyer will pay the money to you, but the money will remain in the possession of Fiverr until you finish implementing the service and deliver it to the buyer
Then the Fiverr department transfers the money to your account and you can withdraw it via the available payment methods, which are: Payment via (Paypal - bank transfer - the new Fiverr bank card that Paypal recently made available) and through the Pfeiffer card you can withdraw the profits from any street bar in any country in the world
You can offer any type of mini services such as (image design - video design or video introduction - website design - website template design - selling followers or Instagram and Twitter and YouTube and Tik Tok and Facebook and other social networking sites - selling translation services - selling tips And directions - designing banners in addition to many other services that are not counted)
One of the most prominent features of Fiverr is that you can set a price for each service between $ 5 and up to approximately $ 1,000. As for the Fiverr commission, it will be deducted by the buyer and not from the seller.
We will now begin by explaining how to register in Fiverr and open a new account easily, in addition to explaining how to successfully and correctly add a new service via the video below, and you will find the link to register in Fiverr below the video.
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you now with the link to register in the Fiverr site, so we hope to be successful in the explanation, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone
To register for Fiverr for mini services
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