Get a Free Domain Paid From Google For Life | Beware it 😱

In this article, we offer you important information for obtaining a free domain for life, whether net, com or tk. If you get it for free, you will face serious problems in the future if you reserve a domain for your website.
Do you want to obtain a free domain from Google or any hosting in the world that is guaranteed?
Are you looking for a way to get a paid domain that you get for free without paying money?
Do you know the danger of free domains and what will happen in the future if you get free domain for life from one of the websites that provide these services?
All of this you will get important and useful information that will help you to obtain a free domain for your website or blog
In addition to important information and warnings you must know before you do anything related to this topic to maintain the integrity of your website and keep it in the future

An Introduction

Everyone who enters the field of profit from the Internet and earning money by creating a website or blog faces difficulties at first to succeed in this profitable field, which is one of the best ways to earn money with high income.
Among the most common problems and difficulties facing beginners are the financial problems that relate to buying a website template and buying a paid domain
This makes them look for ways to get paid domain names, but get it for free and install it on their website

Is free domain guaranteed?

Yes, they can get a paid domain for free, but the problem here is that who gets this domain thinks it is free for life Unfortunately, they believe that
This is wrong information, there is no such thing in the world as "lifelong domain" and even we are big webmasters who have paid domain for our site, we cannot get it for life
Even Google, it cannot get a domain for life, that the domain needs to renew and buy and extend the purchase period for the reserved domain.
In the event that the domain is not renewed and booked annually, the domain will be abruptly suspended
It will be sold and booked for another website if the domain is not renewed
As all the websites and hosts that sell domains are a broker that takes their commission only, and no one is authorized to own a domain for life
The maximum period for buying a domain is only 10 years, it is renewed annually, and whenever the time expires, the owner of the website must renew the purchase of the domain in order to remain for him.
Here is the question that arises, which cuts doubt about certainty, who gives the domain on the basis that it is free for life
And in the opposite ways: Who gets this domain, can he control the domain and its settings, renewal and purchase?
Of course not, since those who obtain free domain are not authorized to control anything related to the domain, and the authority authorized to do so is the authority that granted the domain.
At the end of the first year, the domain will be stopped from the website, and therefore the fatigue of the owner of the whole site will be lost in one moment and the domain will be lost and forced to buy a new domain, which makes all the articles and posts that were published during the year period, you will lose its archive in the search engine and your owner will start The website from scratch as if it had just started working online and making money by creating a blog
Therefore, you have to obtain a paid domain that you purchase from one of the specialized hosts in this field, and we advise you to have two hosts, which are the most famous, the most reliable, and the most reliable, on which many websites in the world depend:
For those who think that free domain is either for Blogger that ends with or for WordPress blogs that end with, you should rest assured that the free domain does not differentiate from the paid domain for archiving and results of search engines
The only difference between them is the cultivation of trust in whoever visits the website that this is a paid domain, not free
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