How Do I Invest my Money in a Successful Internet Project by Purchasing Apps

We present to you in this article the best way for you to invest your money online through trading in the internet world by purchasing games and applications and earning money from them that would double your money in large quantities and earn a lot of halal money
Do you want to invest your money in the United States of America, Switzerland, Canada, China, India, Britain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands or in any country in the world without any obstacles and the chances of investment success 99%
So you are in the right place, you will find in this article how to invest money via the Internet through the most successful methods very quickly and easily in investment without any experience or study, which is by buying applications to become your property and profit from them

an introduction

The development of the Internet and technologies in general has made this arena a successful place in the world of investment, as individual companies have become investing their money in this field.
This is because the internet has come to dominate every part of our life, and there can be no home or family except for more than 4 or 5 people who use the internet
There are many ways through which to earn money and profit from the internet, and we had previously explained more than 50 ways to earn money for free and without capital through the internet through profit sites and applications to make money at home
But in this article we will devote it to how to profit from the net with the presence of capital, that is, in other words investment
This is a highly guaranteed success rate, and the investment success is almost guaranteed
This is what we will depend on, we will take advantage of the need of people on the Internet, you will provide what people need and get them to their home in all the world, and through these services you will make money
We will start with this method in sequence, how to purchase an application or game, how to install ads inside it to profit from them, how to raise them in stores for applications, and how to promote them
Investing in applications and phone games
Applications, games and programs on mobile devices are considered one of the easiest and most successful ways and the least costly way to make money and invest in them does not require expertise and does not need to follow
We will explain to you how you invest in this field, but before that we must explain to you why your investment is guaranteed and successful in this field.
Mobile phone users are more than computer users, and their percentage is between 85% to 90% of Internet users
Meaning that any useful application, game, or program will definitely reach people
You can develop any game or application of your own without the need for you to have programming experiences in programming languages
And that is through many sites that provided you with a service to develop applications or games according to your wishes and their rights are 100% yours.
You can control it and re-sell it in your own name, and the game development will be attributed to whoever bought the application, meaning the investor, that is you.
In this context, the best site for buying ready-made applications and games is codecanyon
Codecanyon is one of the best sites to buy and sell apps at affordable and cheap prices
A site depends on guaranteeing the customer’s right, as this website is considered a mediator between the seller and the buyer
And when you buy an application, you will pay for the site, not the seller, and when the application is delivered to you and you try it, and if you like the application, you confirm the order and in this case the money will be sent to the seller
If there are errors in the applications or if they need to be modified, you will cancel the order and the money that you previously paid will be returned to you.
And that this site through which you can buy applications and games on iPhone and Android
The prices of buying applications and games from this website are cheap, and we start from 10 dollars and reach a maximum of 1000 dollars
The price varies from game to game and from application to application, depending on the type, quality and elegance of development
Therefore, we advise you to invest money in an application or professional game and do not skimp on the price, so that it spreads among people and many users of the game
To enter the site and learn more details about how to register and purchase successfully enter here
Now we move to the next step in investing through applications, which is profit from them
This is in the purchase process, you will open an account in Google's Admob advertising company
It is an advertising company affiliated with Google, and it is dedicated to advertising on mobile
You will register and open a new account in it, and it is very important
After opening an account in which you will create an advertisement for a new application or game and you will take the "Banner" ad code and the "Video" ad code and go to the developer from whom you bought the application on the codecanyon site and ask him to place these ad codes within the application

Thus, your game or application will be ready to work and profit from it, as everyone who uses the application will have Google ads shown and thus you will earn money according to the number of users
You will find in your Admob account a control panel that shows you your daily and monthly profits and the company will send the profits to you through bank transfer through your account in the bank that you will enter in the payment methods in your account, and that the payment will be on the 21st of each month
Here is an image that shows you what a dashboard is like and how you know your earnings in your Admob account
We had explained how to open a new Admob account and how to double the profits from it in a previous article
To access the explanation enter here
Now, we move on to explain the next point for successful investment in the Internet by purchasing applications
Now that you have purchased an application or game from the codecanyon website, and after you have prepared the game by placing Admob ads inside, you have to make this application available to people
And by raising the application in the Google Play Store and Apple Store
You can buy an application for the Android operating system and upload it only to the Google Play Store, when the experiment is successful, you return to the developer of the application itself in the codecanyon site and ask him to develop the application or the game itself for the iOS operating system, and then you upload it in the Apple Store stores
Thus, the application will be available to all people in all countries of the world by raising the application through the Google developer platform
To access an explanation of how to raise the application on the Google Play Store, read the following article:
Now we move on to the last step, which is to ensure the success of your money investment in this way, by promoting the application
And that is by conducting an ad campaign in Google adwords, since after you make the ad campaign, Google will display your application or your game to millions of people around the world, which makes the application gets a lot of users and thus profits worth thousands of dollars per month
To enter to explain the success of a successful advertising campaign in Google enter here
Thus, we have finished explaining how to invest money and money through trading in the Internet through applications and games and profit from them
We leave you with important topics to earn money, you can benefit from it, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for everyone to benefit from
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