How much does YouTube earn? Important details about the profit from YouTube

We offer you in this article important information for those interested in profit from the Internet 2021 through YouTube, we will give you important information about the full profits of YouTube in addition to the price of the company and how many visits to the website

If you are interested in earning from YouTube and earning money online, then you have great curiosity to know how much the YouTube company earns and how much the marketing value of the YouTube website is estimated, how many visits to YouTube
All these details will be explained to you in detail + give you the source of this information. You will be assured of the correctness of what you read here.

What is YouTube?

It is an official company that specializes in broadcasting videos via the Internet and anyone can create a YouTube channel and upload videos to their channel
YouTube has been acquired by Google and has become a Google service recently
The YouTube platform has witnessed a very big development after Google bought it, and the development was at all levels, which made YouTube to top the rankings of the best websites in the world and came in 2nd after Google, which tops the list with number 1
YouTube enables you to earn money and profit from the Internet by uploading your exclusive videos
This is done through subscribing to the Adsense ads service, which displays its ads on videos, and the profit is calculated according to the views of the ads
Because of this huge success for YouTube, many people wonder how much YouTube earns?
We will get into the details of this question and we will answer you in detail

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And now we go into the details of YouTube profits in detail and we will start with the profits and then we move to the website price and then the number of visits to the site
Before we begin, you should know that we did not bring these numbers from us, but they are real, detailed and reliable details according to the worthofweb website that specializes in giving real and detailed information about any website in the world, explaining that the website ranks 100 thousand sites worldwide according to Alexa Ranking
YouTube's daily earnings are $ 9,600,000 million, and the monthly earnings are $ 288,000,000
As for the annual profits, it reaches $ 3,456,000,000 billion
The YouTube ranking has reached 2,110 globally, which is a very high figure. As for the marketing value of the company, it reached 102,650,332,250 billion dollars.
Here is a picture showing you YouTube profits from worthofweb
As for traffic, the daily number of YouTube visits has reached more than 640,000,000 million
The daily visits are approximately 19,200,000,000 billion visits
As for annual visits, it reached 230,400,000,000 billion visits annually
You should know that all these details can be verified and you can verify this information by entering the worthofweb platform from here, and after entering the platform you will put the YouTube website link
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