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In this post, we present to you a sequel to the SEO Arabic Improvement Series for 2020 for the WordPress Blogger, a Sitetrafficapi service that will assist you in analyzing and correcting your website, knowing its ranking and popularity, estimating the value of the site in addition to knowing the daily, monthly and yearly profits of your site and analyzing the entire site 2021-2022
Do you have your own website and want to check all content called in search engines?
Do you want to lead the search engine Google in a short period by knowing the most important basics of SEO, how to compete for keywords, and how articles you write to the search engine are issued?
Do you want to know the errors that could be inside your site after examining it, and in the same context do you want to correct these errors to make your site ready for archiving?
All these inquiries and desires you will find here in this detailed article in which we explain the most important SEO services which is the SEO Sitetrafficapi program that you will love and you should try it to know everything related to your website

What is Sitetrafficapi?

It is a service similar to the internal SEO improvement program for blogs of all kinds (Blogger - WordPress)
It provides many great and distinctive services for webmasters, among which are these services:
Check the website completely
Knowing the site’s popularity in all countries of the world and what is the site’s ranking in each country
Knowing the market value of the site (site price)
Knowing the website's daily, monthly and yearly profits
Knowing and correcting site errors through advice from a dedicated support team from the most important SEO experts
Well-thought out expectations for the site's future progress or decline
Know the main competitors of the site, how to overcome them and top the search engine results
The ability to know the site statistics in the past, compare them to the present, and reveal the most important reasons for progress or regression and how to work on them to improve the site and its appearance in the search engine results
It provides a graphic image of the site according to Alexa statistics
It provides you with the strongest protection and security for your website and keeps it safe from malicious codes and programs for life
To register for Sitetrafficapi from here
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