Make money from home | Earn $ 9,000 from Fiverr by selling mailing lists

We offer you in this post an exclusive way to profit from the Internet for the year 2020 for beginners and earn money at home easily for free, a strategy to earn $ 9000 without capital from Fiverr by selling mailing lists for marketing 2021-2022

There are a lot of ways to earn money and profit from the internet and work at home, and there are a lot of profitable websites and applications to profit easily, but many of these methods do not work very often.
As the majority of methods spread across the web are either easy, but their profits are few and not worth the time we are wasting for them
Either it is profitable, but it needs capital and a long time and requires patience
Either it is profitable as well and makes a lot of money, but it needs sufficient experience, study and prior knowledge
This makes the task of making money on the Internet difficult every day
But not on you, we have brought you in this post an easy and guaranteed way to profit from the Internet for free and you never need any capital.
And you do not need experience either, all you need to make money is focus well in this explanation, and we guarantee you earn more than 9000 dollars by selling a service on the fiverr site for mini services
The service is to sell marketing mailing lists by adding a service to your Pfeiffer account
And for those who do not know anything about the Fiverr website, we will briefly explain

What is Fiverr?

It is a website for mini services, and it is the No. 1 website in the world for buying and selling services online
Many websites have imitated the idea of ​​Fiverr
However, the Fiverr website is still on the top of the sites for selling services until now. The website ranking has reached 351 globally, according to the Alexa website ranking platform. This, if anything, indicates the success of the site, its credibility, and its great acceptance.
Anyone can register on the Fiverr website, sell their services on the site and start earning money and work at home
Anyone can also buy from it, and both the seller and the buyer have a 100% guaranteed right.
As Fiverr plays the role of mediator between the seller of the service and the buyer, meaning that when you add a service on the site and one of them purchases it, the buyer will pay the money to you, but the money will remain in the possession of the Fiverr site until you finish implementing the service and deliver it to the buyer
Then the Fiverr department transfers the money to your account and you can withdraw it via the available payment methods, which are: Payment via (Paypal - bank transfer - the new Fiverr bank card that Paypal recently made available) and through the Pfeiffer card you can withdraw the profits from any street bar in any country in the world
To learn how to open an account on Fiverr, how to add a new service, and how to withdraw profits, read the following article:
Now we get to explain how to make more than $ 9,000 in money by selling mailing lists

How to earn $ 9000 from Fiverr?

Now that you have learned how to open an account on the Fiverr website and how to add a new service, we move to the most important part of this explanation.
You should know well that the field of work in e-marketing has become one of the most profitable and successful ways to profit from the Internet
In the past, everyone who worked in marketing had been working for years to be able to collect a mailing list composed of some hundreds of clients and clients.
But nowadays a lot of services sell ready-made mailing lists, and it is a phrase with TXT files inside which there are thousands of e-mails
Thousands of people search for websites interested in selling mini services to buy ready mailing lists
Here is the question that comes to mind right now ....
"Where will we get our mailing lists?"
No, we have purchased large quantities of mailing lists for many countries of the world, including (many European countries - the United States of America - Canada - Australia - Britain)
Each list consists of 20,000 email divided into two parts for easy download and small lists
The total list of lists that I will present to you is 220 thousand email, and I will also put you a random mailing list at the bottom, in which 10 million email marketing, and all these lists will be provided to you for free with direct download links from Mediafire
All you have to do is download these lists and add several services to sell mailing lists, and each country allocates its own service
You must set a price of $ 25 per mailing list, and each mailing list you sell will include 20,000 e-mails
These large numbers will make you control the market for selling mailing lists, compete with everyone and get you interested in marketing.
Whereas, the traditional list selling service costs $ 9 per 1,000 email only
You will sell 20 thousand e-mails for 25 dollars, meaning that every 1000 e-mail for less than a dollar!
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you now with the required links in this explanation, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of all
To download a Canadian mailing list of 20 thousand e-mail
To download a mailing list for 20 European countries
To download a global mailing list of 10 million email addresses
10,000 email marketing emails for the USA
Source of purchase of these listings
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