Profit from Free Internet for Beginners | The easiest way to make money from Google

We offer you in this post a better and easiest collection of ways to profit from the Internet from Google without capital for the year 2021-2022-2023, which enables you to become wealthy within a short period - 100% proven and honest ways to work in the Internet at home

There are a lot of poor people who entered the world of finance from its widest gates by working with Google, and overnight they became wealthy people in their countries.
They did not get this success by relying on a legacy that they inherited from their fathers and with no capital they invested! Rather, they depended on using the Internet to earn money in guaranteed ways that give them money in exchange for simple things that they implement and work on.
This is what we will explain to you in this article, which will guarantee you entry into the world of profit from the Internet from its widest sections, as we will offer you guaranteed ways to profit from the internet that are the best among the ways to make money at home
And before we start with these methods, you should know that it is not the only one in the financial world through the internet, but there are a lot of methods and profitable electronic sites and companies that relate to this in the world of money, but the methods of working and making money through Google are the most widely traded, the most profitable and the fastest to reach financial sufficiency
Important Notice Before we begin: Each method will find a link dedicated to taking you to a detailed explanation of it

1- Profit by blogging

It is one of the best way to earn money without capital and without experience, and it is the most widespread way in the world
You will create your own website on Blogger or WordPress
You write articles and blogs about a specific category or several categories linked to each other, for example: a sports site where you publish news about football, basketball, tennis, players' news, transfers, and the like in relation to sports in general
And you can create a site in any category you choose (art - cooking - health and beauty - news - technology - technology ....)
How to earn money from the website?
There are many ways to earn money through your website, such as selling advertising space if your website succeeds and has spread widely.
But Adsense ads and other advertising companies are the best and most suitable for profit from the Internet through websites
As you will be subscribing to one of the advertising networks with an account (publisher) meaning the owner of the site and want to earn money
Then you generate ad codes (ad codes) and install them on your website
Thus ads will appear to visitors and you will start earning money through the appearance of the ad and through clicks on the ads
In this context, we recommend that you subscribe to the Google Adsense advertising network, as it provides you with the best return on profit per 1000 impressions
One of the best advantages of Adsense is that it displays ads to visitors according to their desires and interests, through cookies, (DART), according to which Google knows the interests of Internet users who visit sites, and this is what makes the return on profit higher in Adsense ads compared to other advertising companies that display ads Visitors are randomly generated, which reduces visitor engagement with these ads, making the rate of profit low
In the midst of this topic, you must pay attention to the fact that you must place the privacy policy page on your site, and that all visitors should see it, according to which you explain to your visitors the policy of your site and your reliance on Google Adsense ads, and show visitors everything related to cookies, in order to avoid future problems with Adsense
It is worth noting that Google Adsense pays the money to the webmasters through the bank account on the 21st of each month
To start this way to profit from the Internet, you must create your own website in the WordPress platform from here
You must rely on writing articles, competition by relying on keywords, for each article to be issued by search engines, which brings you thousands of visitors through the search engine.
You should read the article on explaining how to accept the website in Google Adsense within 7 days
Also, you must have sufficient information about the bounce rate, which has a significant impact on the success or failure of your website
To maximize your profits, you should read an article dedicated to the profit rate hike from advertising through the KW Finder CPC service from here
Also, you must obtain Backlink (mention the link of your website on other websites). In this regard, we explained to you in a previous article how to obtain more than 1200 Backlink for your website for free, and to enter the explanation from here
You can multiply your profits by creating a redirect page for visitors, and to learn how to create and install the page
If you want to create a technical website, you must create a file upload page for your website
Thus, you will be able to enter in the best way to earn money from Google through its ads on your website
To understand this method in a practical way, you must watch this video explaining how to create your own website on Blogger, how to write articles, and how to properly install ads.
It is worth noting that you do not have to have a computer to write articles, because Google has enabled you to have a blogger application on mobile devices for Android and iPhone through which you can control your blog completely, to download the application

2- Profit on YouTube

The YouTube platform is a platform for watching online videos for free that was recently acquired by Google
Anyone can create a channel via the official Gmail email, which is a Google company service
And the YouTube platform allows YouTube channel owners who own exclusive content to earn money from the views they receive for their videos that they publish in their channels
And that is through Google Adsense, which handles displaying ads on videos without any interference from the channel owner
But there are conditions and criteria that must apply to channels that will be able to generate income and profit from videos

One of YouTube’s conditions for monetization is to get 4000 watch hours for the channel and attract 1,000 subscribers in a 12-month period
Also, the channel must be with exclusive and new content, or it must be reused from previously published videos on YouTube and it is permissible to republish these videos and profit from them, provided that the fair reuse policy formulated by YouTube is formally established.
You can create a professional YouTube channel and start making money here
This is a video explaining how to create a 100% professional YouTube channel.
There are very important things and strategies that beginners do not know about how to increase YouTube views in legitimate and real ways and to enter the explanation from here

3- Profit from applications

It is one of the ways that have spread widely in recent years, as it is simply all you have to do is create an application or a game on mobile and you open a new account in Google’s Admob advertising company, and you generate ad code (banner and video ad) and put it inside Application
And then you upload the application or game in the Google Play Store and Apple Store and so you will make money for the users of your application
It is not necessary to be experts in the field of developing games and applications, there are a lot of easy ways that make you have your own application and its rights, especially for you alone.
There are free methods, there are paid methods, and you can find the explanation in the following article:
Through which you buy games, programs or applications that are designed by the developers and you raise them in stores and you will start making money with ease
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