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In this article, we offer you a very important explanation of how to improve the internal SEO for WordPress | SEO to top search results on Google and get millions of visits through competition for keywords and beat all competing sites 2021-2022
There are a lot of beginners bloggers searching for the topic "How to get your blog to top search results"
This is what we will explain to you in this article and we will provide you with a complete solution to the problem of your blog not appearing in Google search results
There are a lot of people who enter the field of profit from the Internet and Blogger professional are facing a big problem which is how to post Blogger Blog on Google, and some people may ask themselves how do I blog? Some are searching for how Blogger search results come out
As this problem causes many to complain about Blogger quickly and leave it because their articles or blogs do not appear in the first search engine results.
Here, you must know that by reading this article and watching the video at the end of the article, your blog and the articles that you publish will be at the top of the search engine and will appear in the first results and you will get tens of thousands of visits per day from the Google search engine without any interference from you and without you having followers Permanently
So you have to read the article and watch the video below in order to get out from here and in your pocket very important information and through this information you will become very professional in seo very much

How to produce search engine results

We will split the explanation into several points, and explain each point separately so that everything is clear and understandable
We'll start these important parts to seo optimize articles for Blogger and WordPress sequentially, meaning all of these are related to each other.

Choose the target sentence

First you have to choose the type of article you want to write and here you must study the article that people need
Then you should know that each particular topic has a lot of research methods
For example: A sentence earning money has a lot of sentences to search for, and all these sentences lead to the result, but not all of them are profitable for you
You will depend on choosing the main sentence that you want to target, through the KW Finder CPC service
This service is paid, but we provided a detailed explanation of how to get it for free via a loophole on the site that enables you to know the prices of clicks and the appearance of each key sentence you are looking for, in addition to that when you enter a specific sentence it gives you a lot of related sentences with it
By doing this, you have to choose the most profitable sentence
And we had doubled our profits by 600% within a month only through our experience of this distinguished site and all this with documentation and evidence
You can use keywordtool to get keywords and phrases that people search for a lot
You can learn to use the site correctly and successfully by reading the following article:
Now that you have chosen the keyword sentence you want to target, we move on to the next step

Recover with Google suggestions

This is a very important strategy, as the majority of bloggers rely on one keyword sentence and write the article accordingly
This is a misconception, as everyone targets this sentence alone, and this makes the opportunity to compete and overcome competitors over it very difficult.
Perhaps, many of you do not know that Google provides a great help to webmasters to write articles in a way that reaches those searching for them, which makes the articles lead the search engine within a very short period.
This is very simple, as you will enter the search engine and search for the keyword sentence that you have chosen through the KW Finder service.
You will go to the bottom of the page and you will find results similar to the sentence you searched for, and you will notice that Google places you with the sentence you searched for, but other words have been added to it by Google.
To be clear, we will give you an example
Assuming we searched for the word make money
Below you will find a group of related sentences, as follows:
Earn money for beginners
Earn free money
Earn money by writing
Earn money through blogger
I have put a line under the words that Google added to make it easier for you to understand the method
This is what we will depend on, which is Google help. You must know that if you target a key phrase “earning money” alone you will not be able to compete for it, because millions have targeted it for years and this is impossible.
This makes many bloggers not appear in Google search engine results
Therefore, you must target the main keyword sentence in addition to putting Google suggestions within the same article, and by this you will have targeted many key phrases related to people searching for them and this is what causes you to overcome the old competitors who had led the search engine in this sentence
The reason you beat them is that they wrote articles targeting a specific sentence, while you wrote the article targeting the sentence + Google suggestions that you submitted to you based on people’s search, meaning that these words that you have added searches for people in addition to the basic sentence
This explanation applies to all websites with different interests and categories (technology - sport - health and beauty - news - medicine) and many other categories.

Duplicate keywords

This strategy is related to the strategy before it, as you will be repeating the key words and key phrases and suggested by Google with the same article.
But you must not intentionally repeat it, or at least to appear intentionally
These sentences must be repeated within the article more than once in the form of writing and speaking, in other words, there must be a goal of repeating the repeated sentence and not be repeated in order to influence the internal seo
Because if it is revealed that you deliberately repeated the basic words and phrases with the aim of deceiving the indexed viruses, your article will be dropped from the Google search engine and will not appear in the results, so you must pay careful attention and everything will be studied successfully and you must adhere to these directions and tips

Target a specific country

You must target a specific country, not designation, provided that the language of the target country is in the same language as the article
You will find the section on Blogger targeting countries on the left side of the control panel entitled "The Place". You click on it and the map will appear to you. You write Switzerland, Germany, France, India, any country you want, and then you click Done.
Here, you should know that defining and targeting a specific country does not mean that the article is confined only to that country
Rather, the article will appear in all countries, but you are giving orders to the indexed viruses to target a specific country, which makes them care about the article in particular. This way, the indexed viruses know that the article is not a random article, but rather it is a well-studied and targeted article.

Research description

The description of the search is one of the most important reasons for the success of articles and the blog and its articles are issued to the search engine Google
This strategy is considered one of the most important reasons for the success and professionalism of the SEO for Arabs and foreigners and everyone who works in Blogger or Workpress.
As the description of the research lies in its importance in giving information to the indexed viruses about the category of the article and what type of article and who should be presented to the article in case someone searches for something related to this article
This description will also be found in the left section of the blog, just below the "Place" section
Note: When creating a new Blogger blog, you will not find the "Search description" section.
To activate it you must go to the settings and then to the search settings section, and you will find "Search description" is not activated, you activate it and write a short description of the blog to complete the activation process, and thus it will be ready

Reliance on Twitter

Every city or website owner must create a Twitter account
You must share every article or blog you write. You must share it on Twitter
You do not need to have followers on Twitter at all, because it is not the end to get traffic from Twitter
Rather, the goal is to have a Paklink Backlink to the article, and when you get Backlink on Twitter, you got the most powerful type of Backlink from the most powerful and most influential search engine for archiving, is Twitter
And for those who do not know what is Backlink we will put you an article dedicated to explaining it and how to get 1200 bucks for your website for free. You can find the explanation here:

A lot of internal backlink

This is one of the most important methods and strategies that are very important that make you the top search engine for all your articles
This strategy is to mention links to other articles related to your website in another article for you
And that is by copying an article link from your site and after that you select a specific sentence or word from the article, and then you click on the link and you paste the link in it and click "Save" or "OK"
This method abounds in all of your articles, and in this way you have linked all of your articles to each other and this will succeed when a specific article succeeds and the search engine tops Google, the successful article will make the articles that were linked inside the article via the internal link link will make it succeed as well
You must lengthen the article as much as possible in order to avoid to reduce the bounce rate that may destroy your site in relation to its appearance in the search engine.
Now, my dear, we leave you with this video, in which we explain all these things in a practical way, and we will explain to you everything that thanked her for an article so that the idea reaches and the information reaches you clearly and understandably 100%, and you will find below the video a group of very important articles to improve the SEO Blogger and WordPress you have to read it And learn it to succeed in the field of profit from the Internet by writing
Here, dear, we finish the explanation, we leave you with links to very important articles in improving the blog and its appearance in the first results of the search engine Google, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone
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