The Easiest Game to Earn Money on the Phone to Earn $1 Every Minute

We offer you in this post a continuation of the series of profit from the Internet "Games that give you dollars" in making money from the phone, which is through the game Golden Block Escape for iPhone and Android devices through which you can easily earn money for beginners to win Google Play cards charged for free and a Paypal balance without capital 2021-2022
Are you looking for an easy and guaranteed way to earn money easily without effort and without prior experience in the field of work and making money online?
Dear you, you will find here an easy way to profit from the internet without capital and suitable for beginners completely and inexperienced in the field of making money, you will get a lot of profit ways, including getting Google Play cards charged with money for free in addition to the Paypal balance
And that is through the phone through a mobile game and we will explain it to you in detail and we will put you links to download the game for Android and iPhone at the bottom, which is the Golden Block Escape game

What is the Golden Block Escape game

It is a new game that includes under the list of games profitability to earn money at home through the use of mobile only and work remotely
The game provides the easiest money-making systems for the year 2020 quite easily, and is characterized by the ease of use and collecting funds from them
This game depends on sharing the game developer’s profits from advertising returns with game users, each user determines his profit in the periods spent in working on this game
The game has four profitable systems in which you can earn cash and we will explain it to you in detail in writing, as we will put you below a video in which we explain the method in a practical way so that everything is clear and understandable to everyone
The first method: It is by rotating the wheel of fortune that will determine your profit in the process of recycling, and the profit will be random
This wheel of fortune will move it and every move you need will only see an ad!
And this is the principle of profit from the game, as the application developer earns money through advertising returns from the Admob advertising company specializing in advertising on applications and games, which recently allowed application developers to motivate users to watch ads by giving them cash prizes
And when you rotate the wheel of fortune, there will be three boxes that must be similar to the largest possible number of pictures, and the more similar the images, the more you win. When the wheel stops, a box will appear to you that you will open to see your profit.
Also, you will earn a $ 0.9 profit on every advertisement you watch in the game, and this alone is a great source of profit to easily make money.
The second way to earn money in this game: It is by playing, and there is an internal game in this application, which is editing the red piece and delivering it to the prize box, and we will explain to you all these details in the video below the blog.
When editing the piece and delivering it to the box, you will receive rewards of no less than $ 1 profit for each stage, and every stage that you override will move to the next stage, and it will be more difficult by little
And the third way to earn money from this Golden Block Escape game is by rotating the secondary wheel of fortune, it is a wheel of fortune different from the first as this wheel cannot be moved for free, you must collect 1000 points for each move of this wheel
These points you will collect through the previous operations that we mentioned to you, where when you win any cash amount, you will win many additional points that are added to your balance in the game
This method is very profitable as the grand prize for this wheel is up to $ 100 to be paid via Paypal only
And the last way to earn money is through the referral code, through which you will give it to your friends and invite them to download the game and when you download the game and they put your referral code you will be given each amount of $ 1.55 This is a high profit for the profit system by inviting friends compared with The rest of the other apps and games to make money on the phone
Now, my dear, we leave you with this video, in which we explain how to profit from the net through the game Golden Block Escape, and you will find links to download the game under the video
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you with links to download the game for Android and iPhone
Do not forget to share the topic with your friends for everyone to benefit from
To download the game for Android
Download the game for iPhone
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