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In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to verify the ownership of a Google Adsense account and activate the account in three ways that enable you to activate an AdSense account, solve the problem of not having a Pin Code, and solve all Adsense problems
Since you entered here in this article, you suffer from the problem of verifying a Google Adsense account to enable receiving earnings from advertising revenue, whether on YouTube or on websites, both methods depend on displaying Adsense ads to earn money
No, we in this article will solve this problem for you permanently, and your account will be verified, whether you receive an "Adsense" message "Pin Code" and whether you do not receive this message, you will solve the problem in three ways to activate the account
Signing up for Google Adsense to earn money through ads requires very important requirements before thinking about financial profit
Whereas, even if you are a large fan base, and even if you get a large number of views of Potobiot videos or many visits to your website, then you will be able to display ads and you will see your profits in the publishers account control panel
But you will not be able to receive these profits to your bank account if you do not verify the ownership of your account in Google Adsense.
When verifying ownership, you will link your bank account and payments (your profits) will be received to your account on the 21st of each month, as Adsense at this time sends profits to all publishers in the world
Before we explain to you how you can verify ownership of the account in three guaranteed and official ways, we must explain to you why you must prove ownership of the account

Why do we verify account ownership?

Google is very interested in knowing who works with it and who receives money through its services, whether in Adsense or admob
As everyone who subscribes to these services for financial profit must verify ownership of the account by sending a mail message that is delivered by hand to your address that you put in the account when it was created
This message includes a secret number consisting of several numbers that you put in the account activation information and you press OK and thus the ownership of the Adsense account will be verified.
But there are many publishers who suffer from the problem of not receiving a pin code! How will they activate the account then ...
This is what we will explain to you now and we will inform you what are the official methods provided by Google company if you cannot receive the code
But before that we must point out a very important thing: that the problem of not receiving the Pin Code is not caused by Google!
As Google sends this message to publishers in all countries of the world
When the message does not reach you to your house, know that the problem is in the post office in your country or region. Before you work on these steps to verify ownership of the AdSense account, you should review the post office near you and inquire about a message you received from Google
Because most of the time the message has arrived but it was not sent to your address due to the employee’s negligence

Ways to verify your AdSense account

First: Activating the account via a message that includes the pin code, and we had previously explained to you how this message is sent to you
In the event that the message arrived to you, you will open it and you will find a secret number. You must take the password and put it in the designated place and you will press the button to send the identification number and the problem will end
Second: Activating the account by sending a copy of the identity and a copy that proves the correctness of the residence address
However, you must know that this method will not be available until after you re-request a Pin Code message three times, and that each time you request to re-send a Pin Code, you must wait for 4 to 2-4 weeks until the Resend Message button appears to you.
When you requested the code three times and did not receive you, Google Adsense will know that you were unable to receive the message and then generate a new button on the same verification page, and this button is to send the verification files and the address
Below you will find the Send an ID button, you will click on it and you will be taken to a new special page to fill in information about you.
The required information is:
Your full name as it is with the national identity
The email associated with the AdSense account
Sending a copy of the ID from both parties, and it is advised to send an additional copy of a government document proving your residence address, and you can get it from the Civil Status Department or from your region’s selector, this would speed up the verification process for your account in Google Adsense
Now, dear, we move to the third and final step, through which the AdSense account will be 100% activated.
However, this method is rarely used because in the first and second method the account will be confirmed and activated
However, if you cannot verify ownership of the account in the previous two methods, then apply this method
This method is by communicating directly with the employees at Google Company through a link that we will put it for you below

You will find a set of fields for you to fill out as follows:
Your full name as it is in your AdSense account
The email associated with the AdSense account whose account you want to activate
You have to choose the type of service that you face, you choose Adsense
The publisher ID in your account, you can obtain this number through your account information in the Google Adsense account control panel in the name of "publisher ID"
And then you send a set of pictures and documents, the most important of which (a copy of the identity from both parties or a copy of a driver’s certificate and a photo proving the residence address) and then you send this information and it will be received by a Google employee and he will make sure the information and images sent are correct and then he will confirm Adsense account ownership manually and a message will be sent to you that includes the congratulations, the information and address have been verified and accordingly your account has been verified, you can now receive the profits
To enter the link to fill in the information and send it to Google from here
Thus, we have finalized for you the final solution to the most important and most important problem facing AdSense publishers
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