Download NoRoot Firewall for Android To Prevent Internet from app Without Root

We offer you in this post download the best program to cut the Internet from programs and applications or a specific application and to cut the net from WhatsApp for free which is the NoRoot Firewall program for Android with a direct download link to separate the net without routing
There are a lot of users of Android devices need to separate the Internet from a specific application only, without cutting off the Internet from the rest of the applications and programs inside the phone
And that is for many reasons related to after the inconvenience due to notices of many annoying applications or cutting off the Internet from WhatsApp because of not receiving messages and communications at some time, or withholding the internet from a specific application or program at any time
This is what the application developers worked on, as they developed an application on Android devices that separates and disconnects the Internet from any application inside the mobile without affecting the rest of the applications
It is the wonderful NoRoot Firewall application which is the No. 1 app is the first among all Android applications and we will provide you with a direct download link in APK format to facilitate downloading and installing the application
We had previously explained how to use the application correctly and how to cut off the Internet from an application through an operational explanation, in order to avoid errors and the success of the separation process without affecting the device in relation to the internet outage
Among the most important specifications and features of the application, it is considered the first blocker of the Internet and the strongest firewall for Android, for several reasons and the most important reasons for the success of the application are:
Providing data to the phone by disconnecting the internet from the applications of interest to us at some point
Reduce annoying notifications for some applications, such as Facebook and other social media applications
It is small in size and does not need much space to install it, it is only the size of an image
It works to collect all the great features without ever having to root the phone
Available free for Android and we will put the download links for you below
To download the NoRoot Firewall apk app
To enter the video program explanation and how to use it here
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