Advertising Company Taboola Explanation : Best Adsense Alternative

In this article, we present to you an explanation of the taboola company, the best alternative to Google Adsense advertising for profit from blogger and WordPress sites with a very high profit return compared to Adsense profits that give a low profit return and is the best for new content, which is for sites and not for YouTube 2021-2022
Do you have a blog or website on the web that was rejected by Adsense and want an alternative company to Adsense that is profitable and has high profits?
Do you want an advertising company for sites that does not impose harsh and difficult conditions for accepting sites and displaying ads on your site?
Do you have a small website and are you looking for a way to promote it and profit from it at the same time?
Dear you, we will offer you here a detailed explanation of the strongest and best advertising company to advertise on the sites and earn money through advertising revenue that appears to visitors which in turn promotes the site to reach thousands of visits per day, which doubles your profits, which is the wonderful Taboola company that ranked the company No. 3 globally As the best advertising companies for publishers and advertisers after Adsense and Media Ads

What is Taboola Corporation

It is a platform for advertising on websites and it is distinguished that its ads are similar to Adsense ads as the ads that you support and place on your sites are banner ads and articles similar to articles and both are fixed ads, non-mobile and not pop-up, which makes it popular with visitors and site owners
Pay via many methods of withdrawing profits. One of the most important methods of payment is Paypal and bank transfer. The minimum payment is $ 5 via Paypal and $ 50 via bank transfer.
The company has reached its climax with the beginning of the year 2021 and flourished greatly at the beginning of 2020 as it has reached millions of people around the world, and hundreds of thousands have become involved with it, because it has an easy and attractive control panel and is characterized by ensuring that the ads reach visitors and they are fully compatible with Adsense ads
Anyone can open a new account (publisher) and link their site to the platform and place the advertising codes in the place that suits them on the site and the ads will appear minutes after they are placed
It supports cookies, which makes the ads that appear to visitors 100% fit their interests, which increases the rate of interaction with them, which also maximizes profits.
To open a new account on the platform, you must log in to the Taboola website and then click on the Publishers section and after that you click on the "Contact Us" button and one of the support team will communicate with you and will ask you to link your website and the site will be reviewed within minutes only
If the site does not violate the company’s policies, it will be quickly accepted and you will be given permission to open a new account and start profiting via the best alternative sites for Google

To register on the Taboola website
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