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We offer you on this page download the program AUDIO BOOK LIBRIVOX The best application for reading books in English writing, voice and pronunciation of words with an accent and the correct pronunciation for learning English fluently for beginners through direct conversation through reading books and novels
A series of learning and mastering the English language online in the shortest period of time (Episode Two)
The ideal way to develop the English language in the era of Corona
The best way to make you speak English pronunciation with an accent (American and British) plus a huge amount of vocabulary (book reading app)
If you are looking for an application or program on the phone to learn the English language fluently through conversation and pronunciation correctly through sound and image and reading books and stories, you must try the AUDIO BOOK LIBRIVOX app for Android
It is a free application, it is considered one of the best Android applications for the English language for those who want to learn it correctly online via the Internet at home and at home
The application enables you to open thousands of stories without the Internet, read them and operate the spokesperson within the program whose mission is to read any paragraph of the books you specify, and read them to you in English in the American and British accents
The Audio BOOK LIBRIVOX application contains many types of books, in addition to the ability to customize themes for the background, translate new words and add a bookmark to the last reading topic

Here are some types of books and their categories available in the application, there are classic books and romantic books in addition to motivational books and historical, police and educational stories + religious books and other categories that we cannot mention in one article in order not to linger on you in the explanation
We mentioned that just the development of listening and qualification of reading skill and the development of vocabulary safe will lead you to the automatic development of the skill of English conversation fluently FLUENTLY as everyone desires
We are still continuing with you in this series, but with an application that applies to applicants in the language, as for our dear beginners, we will single out for you a special article that contains multiple aspects of developing your language and helps you to enrich your cultural background in the time of Corona
And builds in the mind of each of you an encyclopedia of books, to you the solution, and it will obtain your satisfaction, God willing
The best way to motivate you to read, is reading, and what I mean, is reading things that interest you.
If I advise you to read police novels and you are not interested in them, my advice will not receive an ear to hear
So what you have to do is read in the areas you love, in addition to listening to well-versed readers, and it is preferable that the English language is their mother tongue
As if they were American or British, but how? The solution is in your hands in the Play Store and Apple Store, follow us
The perfect solution for learning English is the AUDIO BOOK LIBRIVOX app
Even families of America and Britain use this application to ensure that they live together for their children
It is a cultural educational application that contains a huge collection of free PDF books in addition to audiobooks, and this is what lessens in a free application
I have tried a lot, but this app was one of the three best options (BOOK MATE, AUDIO BOOK LIBRIVOX, FREE CLASSICAL AUDIOBOOKS)
These options will be explained in future articles
The Audio BOOK LIBRIVOX application contains many types of books, in addition to the ability to customize themes for the background, translate new words and add a bookmark to the last reading topic
There are in addition to text books, other audio, free online, and you can download and listen for free online and learn English while you are at home on the porch, savoring a cup of coffee.
Thus, you will thank Corona for giving you the opportunity to read books and learn languages
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