Download the Azan and Azkar Program Without Net | Free Android and iPhone

Download the best accurate muezzin software with great features 2022
Download the latest application of Al-Muezzin Mobile (prayer alarm) AZAN vaktı pro Azan Golden program in its original version for Android and iPhone
Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God, distinguished visitors, we present to you today the best Azan program ever free and works without Net and we will provide it to you with download links for Android and iPhone with direct and free download links
Azan program is characterized by accuracy and giving prayer times per second. So if you are tired of searching in applications for a completely accurate muezzin program, you only need to follow us with the following explanation to get the Azan and Azkar program for mobile which is the muezzin program
Many of our brothers asked about the best muezzin program for mobile phones without the internet in addition to the feature of determining the qiblah and prayer times for all phones.
After that we did a long research and experimenting with several programs, we liked to offer you a wonderful masterpiece with many advantages and this program is considered the best electronic muezzin and it is the one that surpassed the golden muezzin and is considered the best for the year 2020 for the electronic muezzin
It is 100% free program, it is Azan Facti Pro program, it contains many unique features summarized as follows:
Contains accurate qibla identification tool
The Quran contains the Ottoman script and intonation, in addition to the possibility of hearing it with the elite readers of the Arab world
It contains the interpretation of the Holy Quran in English and Turkish, and others
It contains a prayer reminder feature 35 minutes before it is too late
It contains the Muslim fort, and works without an Internet
It contains greeting cards that can be modified and gifted to loved ones and brothers
It contains pictures showing how to perform the prayer correctly
Contains the zimatic tool
You can listen to Radio Makkah via Radio icon
Contains the live broadcast of Mecca, wherever you were
And many other features and characteristics that make it more than a program authorized for free features that deserve to be given a great appreciation and high evaluation
In addition to that it fits all phones, it can be downloaded on Android in APK and iPhone format, and you will find links to download the program below

Honor you, support us to continue our purposeful path, and do not forget to share the article, as it was narrated from the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “Whoever indicates good, has a reward for its perpetrator”
Download the Azan program for Android
To download the program for ears for iPhone
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