Download the Launcher iOS 13 app to convert Android phone to iPhone No Root

On this page, we offer you to download the Launcher iOS 13 application known as "Pro 13 iphone", which enables you to convert the Android phone to the launcher and theme, and an interface similar to the iPhone in a format consistent with the iOS operating system with a direct download link
Do you want to convert your Android phone into a full iPhone format? Without having to replace it or give it up?
You can do this through the Launcher iOS 13 application whose main task is to convert the phone to the iOS without root, with just one click after downloading the application and installing it and you will find the download link below the post
We have explained to you how to transfer the phone and how to use the application correctly in a previous post, and this page to download the application only, to enter the detailed explanation, enter here
Program Advantages
Very fast navigation between pages and applications
IPhone basic shortcuts are available
Software icons change to iPhone icons
Lighting shortcuts, sound, songs and everything else is on the main interface, just like the iPhone system
Comprehensive change in appearance
The size of the program is very small
Download the iOS 13 Launcher app in Apk format
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