Download NoRoot Firewall for iPhone To Block the Internet for Free

We offer you in this post download the best program to cut and block the net from the rest of the programs and applications or separate it from a specific application such as WhatsApp or Facebook for devices that run the iOS (iPhone and iPad) for free with a direct download link + explain the most important advantages of the application 2021-2022
There are a lot of programs for Android devices that separate the Internet and block it from specific applications or programs, and most of these programs need to be rooted
This is what many people were suffering from, because of the negative aspects that the root carries and risks in destroying and destroying the phone over time.
Until one of the developers came to the applications and developed the Firewall program and developed two versions of the program for Android and iPhone, and we will provide you on this page a link to download the program for iPhone with an explanation of the most important advantages of the NoRoot Firewall program to lock the net for free mobile
The development of the program came to devices that run the iOS and iPhone system precisely because the developers monopolize the programs and not provide them for free, which is why this application has become one of the applications loved by millions around the world, because the application is 100% free and works with the strongest and most important features that people need
Many of us sometimes need to disconnect the internet and disconnect it from a specific program, and we do not want the internet to be cut off from the entire device! So what is the case then?
The solution with the free Firewall program, it will enable you to cut the internet from any application you want without any problems and quite easily
We had explained in a previous post how to use the program correctly, and we will put you below a link to download the program and a detailed explanation link for how to use the Firewall program and explained it in a practical way, but before that we will explain to you the most important features in a very brief way:
It helps you greatly to provide the Internet on the phone, because the applications that you do not use will consume the Internet without you feeling it, and therefore the Internet must be separated from it
Block annoying notifications for many apps and programs we don't need
Its size is very small and does not exceed 5MB which is completely free
Available free of charge in the Apple Store and we will put a link to download it below
It is considered one of the best iPhone programs for the year 2021, according to the number of downloads and popularity in the world
Download Firewall ios for iPhone
To enter to explain the program and how to use it here
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