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In this post we offer you to download the U-Dictionary program for iPhone and phones running the iOS operating system, which is the best interpreter application for all languages ​​of the world, including Arabic, English, Turkish and French, and we will provide it to you with a free download link 2021 - 2022
Everyone who uses an iPhone feels very happy because of the wonderful features of this wonderful mobile, but it suffers from many problems and one of the most prominent of these problems is the lack of many important applications and programs that are available in many Android
Perhaps one of the most important programs that an iPhone user needs is translation software on the phone
Therefore, we were able to obtain a wonderful program called U-Dictionary, which works on simultaneous translation of all languages ​​in the world, the most important of which is translation from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic
This translation program introduces you to the distinguished Oxford dictionary and dictionary: Many of us wish to resort to the famous Oxford dictionary known for its accuracy and explanation of vocabulary in a smooth and easy way that serves beginners and advanced levels.
Magic translation feature: One of the most amazing features that a translator can offer is, if you roam the internet, or read a novel in English, and you come across a word you do not know its meaning, then you only have to pull the magic ball towards it and the translator will translate it immediately (you must activate the magic translation from Program settings)
Free translation service without the net (offline): This is a feature that many people search for because they need the internet, but first you need to download the offline translation package so that you can benefit from it when the internet is not available.
Automatic image translation service, if you read and did not understand the meaning, then operate the camera and photograph the sentence or the word and the program will translate it directly
Download link for iPhone from here
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