Download the VOICE NOTEBOOK App for iPhone to Convert Voice to Text

We offer you in this post download the VOICE NOTEBOOK-CONTINUOUS program for iPhone and iPad for free The best program for converting voice to text on the phone with a direct download link, supports all the languages ​​of the world such as Arabic, English, Turkish and French
If you are an iPhone user or iOS device, you suffer from a shortage of programs that meet your needs.
Among these missing programs on iPhone phones is the program to convert voice to text easily and quickly
This is what we brought to you and you will get it on this page, and you will download the VOICE NOTEBOOK-CONTINUOUS App for iPhone and we will provide it to you with a free and direct download link from the Apple Store
The application supports correcting spelling errors that we often make at the speed of writing, takes rhetoric or conversation, translates it and converts it into text without errors
If you are a lecturer and you miss the time to write your lecture, you only need to use the program to convert voice and speech into a professional text
Improve pronunciation in English, so that the application will write the words accurately, you have to pronounce them correctly in the beginning, so this is a challenge for you to develop your pronunciation and start dictating
Keep writing without interruption, no matter how long you talk, and this feature is missing by many applications.
Several types of blush are available with different sizes
To download the program from here
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