Earn Money from Games | The 6 Easiest Games to Make Money on the Phone

We offer you in this post the best 6 games to win from the Internet and earn money on the phone by playing online games only and earn real money in guaranteed ways and proof of payment with detailed explanation how to earn money for free without capital and for beginners for Android and iPhone 2021-2022
There are many who are looking for easy and foolproof ways to earn money at home and at home for women and men to find opportunities to work remotely through the internet by phone only
Android and iPhone games are among the easiest and most successful ways, their profit may be low compared to the known methods that need experience, effort and capital, but if we compare them with the size of time and effort spent it is best for beginners
We will start by offering the best money making games on the phone, and we will briefly explain to you each game, and you will find below each game a link that will transfer you to the detailed explanation of it in the video

Profit from Fishing Go

It is a game to earn money by fishing, offering you precious prizes and great profits for those who play the game
Earning money through this game is as follows:
You drop the hook to the water, and then you will find a lot of names and prize cards. You have to move the hook towards the names and prizes in order to hunt as many fish as possible in the same blow.
Another way to earn more money through the game is by scanning pictures, and this is a great technique for maximizing profits
It is by entering scanning images, and when scanning the image 9 squares will appear, whenever the largest possible number of images in these is similar, the more you earn either dollars, points, or cards
Here lies the value of the cards, as you can withdraw the profits through the money that you collected, and you can also convert the cards into money.
The payment methods supported by the application are many, the most important of which are withdrawing profits via Paypal, Google Play cards charged for free, Amazon cards, iTunes cards, Minecraft cards and eBay cards to buy products from the internet
And the minimum payment is $ 20 for all payment methods available in the application, and we will show you how to win $ 5 from this game in about a minute.
To enter the detailed explanation of this game and download it for iPhone or Android, enter here

Profit via Money Flame

It is a game on Android devices developed by Sidtech Studios, the publisher and active in the Google Play Store in the manufacture of phone games running the Andriod operating system
The game's profit system relies on accumulating points, converting them into dollars, and withdrawing them through two payment methods (PayPal - Paytm).
Collecting points is very easy, through the main game of the game, which is moving away from the stones that destroy you and collecting jewels and gold inside the game.
Also, you can double the points by watching videos and ads, and then you convert the points into money
Every 3000 points is equivalent to $ 1 and the minimum payment is only $ 1, and these profits you can get during a few hours of play
To enter the detailed explanation and download the game, enter here

Earn from Golden Block Escape game

It is a new game that includes under the list of games profitability to earn money at home through the use of mobile only and work remotely
The game provides the easiest money-making systems for the year 2020 completely easily, and is characterized by the ease of use and collecting funds from them
This game depends on sharing the game developer’s profits from advertising returns with game users, each user determines his profit in the periods spent in working on this game
The game has four profitable systems in which you can earn cash and we will explain it to you in detail in writing, as we will put you below a video in which we explain the method in a practical way so that everything is clear and understandable to everyone
The first method: It is by turning the wheel of fortune that will determine your profit in the process of recycling, and the profit will be random

This wheel of fortune will move it and every move you need will only see an ad!
And this is the principle of profit from the game, as the application developer earns money through advertising returns from the Admob advertising company specializing in advertising on applications and games, which recently allowed application developers to motivate users to watch ads by giving them cash prizes
The second way to earn money in this game: is by playing, and there is an internal game in this application, which is editing the red piece and delivering it to the prize fund
The third way to earn money from this Golden Block Escape game is by rotating the secondary wheel of fortune, it is a wheel of fortune different from the first as this wheel cannot be moved for free, you must collect 1000 points for each move of this wheel
These points you will collect through the previous operations that we mentioned to you, where when you win any cash amount, you will win many additional points that are added to your balance in the game
This method is very profitable, as the grand prize for this wheel is up to $ 100
You can earn more than $ 100 a day if you strive to use this game
To enter to explain how to profit from this game and make money in detail through an explanation in the video and in practice, and to download the game, enter here

Profit from Roffle Royale

Application and game to earn money easily, it is distinguished from the rest of the applications and games deployed in the web
The Roffle Royale game does not require participation or payment of money or any effort mentioned, all that is required of you is to download the game and see daily ads and collect points
The number of points will be according to the duration of the advertisement that you are watching, and this is 100% legitimate, as the adobe service is the one that allows this feature for application developers, which is to offer prizes for watching video ads that are displayed within the application
After you collect the points, you will buy Ticket Cards to enter the draw for the daily prizes that are distributed and the winners are displayed at the top of the application on a daily basis for credibility and for everyone to make sure of the application’s sincerity and trust
We personally have confirmed the fact of the profit from the application and there are hundreds of proofs in foreign content that confirm that the Roffle Royale application is 100% honest and you can confirm it yourself

The prizes offered by the application are distributed as follows:
A prize of $ 1 a day, and this award you can enter into a draw by watching only one ad
You can double your chances to win this competition and this prize by collecting the largest number of cards, as each card has a specific number, and 6 winners will be chosen for each prize
You must seize the opportunity and download the game by logging in here

Profit from Ball Pool 8

You certainly know the famous Ball Pool 8, but you may not know that you can make money with it!
Yes, you can do this easily through the YouTube platform, and we have explained to you the evidence and the practical explanation of how to earn more than 5000 dollars per month through it.
To enter the detailed explanation and download the required programs, enter here

Profit from pubg mobile

The Buggy Mobile game has swept the entire world with its popularity, success and spread
There are hundreds of thousands of Arabs who are incredibly professional in Pubg Mobile
Many of them outperform celebrities, but they are ignorant of the techniques and methods used by YouTubes to design professional videos that attract viewers and pubg mobile fans.
As many users earn thousands of dollars a month
And that is through the YouTube platform, as the mobile content has become the most popular content on YouTube
This is what made many of the other platforms take advantage of this Jamahiriya like Facebook, which recently provided a service to earn money via the live broadcast of the game pubg mobile
And because the audience loves professional content, you must make professional videos to succeed in this field
We have explained to you in detail how you can achieve in less than a month of work a profit of more than 1500 dollars per month or 1,000 dollars as a minimum

To enter the detailed explanation of this method and download the required files and programs, enter here
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