Easily Earn $ 1000 free Money by Creating a Movie Site (Profit From the Internet)

In this post, we offer you an easy and guaranteed way to profit from the Internet for the year 2021 easily by creating a free movie site through Blogger + how to earn more than $ 1,000 a month through a strategy to re-upload videos (movies) from YouTube and publish them on your site and profit from Adsense ads and a gift for you Blogger template we offer you for free 2022

Introduction to profit

It is known that through profit from the Internet, it has become very similar and competition for success in it has become a matter of course and has a lot of complexity as a result of highlighting these profitable ways and millions of people working in them with the aim of making money via the Internet
This is what prompted us in the "Mawdoo3e website" to search for new strategies and exclusive ways to earn money from the Internet easily and at the same time does not have a heavy demand as is the case in the other ways of profit from the Internet, such as profit by watching videos and earning money by downloading games or applications and collecting points
Earn charged Google Play cards or PayPal balance, or make money through ads and clicks, such as a profit system, PTC, and many other ways to profit from the net.
Indeed, we were able to devise a new method that will be presented for the first time in My Topic Network
It is a profit from the Internet through movies. You will have a website dedicated to viewing films and broadcasting them on the site. Thousands will enter your site daily to watch movies.
We will rely on this profit system on Adsense ads or ads of any alternative ad network
I will start to explain this method in detail

Profit from the movies site

We will provide you with a professional Blogger template for movies, and it differs in nothing from the international movie sites regarding design, style and attractive presentation of films in the interface of the site
There are a lot of Blogger template developers who have a monopoly on movie templates, so you can't find it for free, it's paid
But after research and development of the team, we were able to obtain a professional template backed by the strongest improvement codes in SEO | SEO
We will provide it to you for free, and we will put a link below for you to explain how to install the template and preview links and download the template for free with a direct download link from Mediafire
In addition to an explanation of how to Arabize the template and how to remove property rights in just minutes
All of these things you will find below, but this article is to explain the profit strategy and how to publish films in the blog without problems in copyright and ownership rights for these films very easily
Your blog will be installed after this template is installed as shown in this image
How do we post movies and is this allowed?
Publishing movies is very simple, by sharing links to movies from YouTube, posting them in the blog, copying the movie title and placing it in the title of the post, but provided that a description is written inside the article and then the video is placed below the description
Also, the description must not be less than 150 or 200 words as a minimum, in order for adsense ads to be displayed on the site and advertisements appear for visitors
As Adsense ads do not appear for visitors in articles or blogs that do not contain written content
And we had explained to you this very important point which, if ignored, may lead to stopping the display of ads or sometimes the AdSense account being deleted.
As for the question, is posting videos in the blog permitted or not and is it possible to earn money from them, the answer is permissible and there is no problem with that but as we said to you provided that in every post there is written content and you can earn money from these videos without any problems

Where do we get the movies

We have searched for the largest movie channels on YouTube, and each channel includes more than 500 films shown. Films are allowed in the blog by embedding (sharing the video link inside the blog)
We will put you links to enter these channels below, and the total of these 11 channels is available on the strongest foreign and Indian films, which are the most popular and successful films, which increases your chances of obtaining visits to double the profit and earn money through your new website in Blogger
How to promote movies after they are published
This is the most important point in the explanation and it is that would get hundreds of thousands of visits to your website for these films, which will make you earn thousands of dollars per month and perhaps daily if you use this strategy well.
And before we explain to you the strategy of doubling the profits, you should know that you will get visits from the search engine in Google without you promoting, but we want to increase your profits the largest possible benefit, so the best way to profit is through the free promotion of those films
You will create a new YouTube channel that specializes in posting movies
You will download every movie you did not post to the blog, and then you cut the video and shrink it to a minute or two as a maximum.
These minutes that you will collect from the film must be the most exciting and exciting moments in the film
And then you publish the movie summary and copy the blog post that contains the film and write in the video description the phrase "To watch the full movie enter the following link" and you translate this sentence of three languages ​​in Google Translate and the languages ​​are: Hindi, English and Arabic
Then, you paste the post link to which the visitor is requested, which includes the full video
This method would double your profits very significantly and there are no problems with copyright, since through your application of this explanation you will have entered within the terms of the fair reuse policy set by YouTube that allows everyone to republish videos that are not theirs in the first place but in order to Avoid problems and mistakes. You should read the detailed explanation of the fair use policy and know all its details so that you will not face problems in the future, as you can profit from the YouTube channel itself, on which you publish paragraphs of films.
To access the detailed explanation of the fair use terms in YouTube, enter here:
In order to apply this strategy, you need to get a professional paid montage program "without a watermark" and we will put you the best montage programs for Android, iPhone and computers without a watermark, and you can find download links below
Here we finish the explanation, and through your application of this new way to earn money, you will get the profits of thousands of dollars per month with ease, we leave you with the required links, so do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone, then the sign of good is an actor as you know
To download the template and montage software and enter the movie channels and learn how to install the movie template, enter the complete explanation in practice. Enter the following article:
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