How to Earn 1000 Dollars a Month for free Easily | Explanation of Nielsen

We offer you a guaranteed way to earn money and profit from the Internet for free for starters to earn more than $ 1000 per month by working with Nielsen to watch the videos (Watch the videos and earn money easily at home) 2021-2022

An Introduction

There are many websites to make money from the Internet guaranteed and honest and have a great reputation in the web
There are sites that enable you to earn $ 1000 a month, while others can easily earn more than $ 1,000 a day, and some of them can earn $ 100 a day, and the methods vary from one method to another.
The issues of making money from the internet are searched for by many people around the world, especially the profit sites from the Internet in the Arabic language
As a lot of people are looking for a way to earn money for free in an easy and guaranteed way for the year 2020

How to make money easily without capital

There are many honest profitable sites, and we will explain to you the best of these sites, which is the Nielsen website
It is a great site and is one of the most popular sites for earning and earning money by watching videos. It is the best for the year 2020
As for the guarantee and reliability, the site has been operating for many years. We will put below proof of payment for you below
The site enables you to earn $ 1,000 a month if you work with it through a monthly draw
In addition to distributing a monthly prize of $ 10,000, it will be distributed to 400 randomly selected members
This is for profit according to the lottery system, prizes and gifts that Nielsen offers to users of the site
As for the daily profit, you can earn a lot of money by watching videos, movies
You will register on the site and find the link to register on the site below the post
After opening an account on the site, your name will be entered into the monthly withdrawal automatically without any interference from you
And upon choosing your name and winning the prize, you will be contacted via email or via the phone number that you placed while opening a new account on the site.
Then you watch the videos inside the site
You do not need to watch the entire video in order to win. It is sufficient that you watch the first 30 seconds of the video and 10 points will be added to your balance.
Thus, you will earn a lot of money by just watching the videos
Nielsen also has an official app for Android and iPhone devices that run on the same profit system as on the official website
You will download the application on the phone and you will log in to your account and you will start watching videos and collect points as well. Application and site points will be added to your account at one time.
Thus, you will double your profits from the site
Payment methods supported by the site:
Western Union
Bank transfer
And now we leave you with this video that explains how to profit from the Internet and make money from a site and you will find a link to register on the site and a link to download the application for iPhone and Android under the video
Here we finish explaining how to work with Nielsen and leave you now with the required links
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To register on the Nielsen
To download the application on Android
To download the program on iPhone
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