Google support phone number in Canada | Problem Solving and Complaint

In this article, we present to you how you can communicate with Google in the state of Canada by calling the number of Google company represented in the official office in Canada in Ottawa in order to contact support and emergency 2021-2022
Do you have a Gmail account problem or a problem with any Google service and want to speak to the customer support team in Canada to solve the problem?
Do you have a closed YouTube channel, or the account has been terminated for a problem or because of the Google policies and terms of service and you want to communicate with the support team by directly calling the phone number and speaking with the official office of Canada?
No, we will provide you with the numbers of the giant company Google in all countries of the world and in this series we will put you a Google number in Canada
There are many who face problems with Google with regard to accounts, channels and websites or a problem with a specific service in the services provided by the company
Indeed, Google has devoted many ways to solve problems, including forums, including frequent questions that include answers to those questions that are frequently asked, which makes the possibility of solving the problem you find in one of these services, or you can send a message to the support team via mail sometimes

But there are problems that may not be solved by the traditional methods that we mentioned earlier to you, which is why many people in Canada are looking for a way to communicate and speak with a Google employee in Ottawa in its official office.
Here we will provide you with the official office phone number, and you can solve your problem and file a complaint with Google
Below we will put a link that will take you to the official page on Google, which puts your office numbers in all countries of the world to communicate with employees, and you will also find next to each working time number according to which you should contact them during the specified time period
This is a picture that shows you the Google company office numbers, but we will distort the numbers in order to adhere to Google's policy of not disclosing personal matters. To enter the office number in Egypt, enter the link provided below the image.
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you with the required link in addition to a set of explanations that may benefit you in the field of technologies and make money online
Link to the Google numbers page from here
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