How to Convert Professional Audio to Phone via VOICE NOTEBOOK

To you the best application of voice dictation for all phones, the program for converting audio into professional text and spoken speech, writing has become easier with the speech-to-text conversion program, with advice to develop your English pronunciation and we will provide it to you for free 2021-2022
Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God, dear followers and readers of an objective site, we returned with you again with an application of the best voice dictation applications and the conversion of speech into a true text with many features and characteristics, and supports Arabic and English
It is a free application and contains many surprises in addition to obtaining the highest evaluations by its users, especially the woman, and is considered better than computer programs with regard to converting writing to voice or vice versa
In a time of speed, it became necessary to save time and invest it properly in any way. To ensure that, the developers and pioneers of technology support us with applications, programs and perhaps tools that make it easy to perform the task of using time and cutting it before cutting it

What am I talking about ?!

I am talking about an amazing and wonderful way to save time wasted while writing and dictating, today we can write without writing
This is made possible with the free phone software available for Android and iPhone in stores for free
Some may say that speech to text - dictation is available in Google Assistant and its applications, but there is always a competitor and there is always the best
It is a program that is able to take notes in your language, whatever it is (Arabic - English - Turkish), and save time for you.
Correct the spelling mistakes that we often make at typing speed.
If you are a lecturer and you miss the time to write your lecture, you only need to use the program to convert voice and speech into a professional text
Do you want to organize a daily schedule while you are driving, for example? You only need to open the application and teach it what you want.
An idea came up with your head, but you are not in a position to write, speak and the application will write
Improve pronunciation in English, so that the application will write the words accurately, you have to pronounce them correctly in the beginning, so this is a challenge for you to develop your pronunciation and start dictation.
Keep writing without interruption, no matter how long you talk, and this feature is missing by many applications.
Several types of blush are available with different sizes
All this in a small application, easy to interface, safe, free, and what next, covering a wide variety of languages.
If you want to download it from the Apple Store, there is a link:
To download it for Android from the Play Store, you have the link:
Follow a simple explanation below explaining how to use the app:
We were with you today with an article talking about an application that has become necessary to be available on every phone - mobile - mobile - tab - and computer (computer)
Hurry up to download it and take your time, do not skimp on us by sharing the article by sharing the topic with your friends
To download the program for iPhone from here
To download the application for Android from here
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