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We offer you in this post a compilation of the best sites that are honest for profit from the Internet for the year 2020, only sites that are guaranteed, reliable and 100% honest
It supports payment and withdraw profits via Western Union and Paypal to earn free money and job for beginners and does not need capital 2021 - 2022
The field of profit from the Internet has become one of the things that occupy the minds of the world in recent years. Indeed, there are many countries in the world where unemployment rates have decreased very significantly due to the interest of their youth in methods and sites of profit and earning money through the Internet online
And that the specialized sites in this field, which is profit, are very many and almost countless, and we have explained a large part of them and you will find many of them at the end of the post.
However, there are a lot of people facing great problems in the sites of making money, their efforts are failing and they may consider these sites as a quorum! But the truth is not so, but they did not understand the laws of these sites because there are a lot of difficult sites, but we have brought you easy sites to earn a lot of additional money via the Internet
We will not touch on global sites that support the Arabic language such as Google, but rather we will turn your attention to real, proven sites + proof of profit and payment


It is one of the best blogging and article writing platforms ever, and it is a 100% honest website that works to buy exclusive articles from people and pay them $ 100 profit for each article that is accepted.
When opening a new account on the site, you must be aware that you must put your name and you must choose a special picture for your account "writer"
And you must not steal the articles from other sites, you can count on the amendment to the finished articles from other sites by reformulating the form in which the article is new and not copied, because the articles are reviewed manually by the site management
One of the most important features of TopTenz is that you are not obligated to write articles in a specific category, meaning that you can write each article in a different category, and this is what makes you publish heavily on the site.
We have explained to you the strategy of earning $ 10 a day easily without capital through this wonderful website
To enter the explanation of this site and register there enter here


It is a profitable website, one of the best sites for profit from the internet. It is very popular in the world and enjoys credibility. It is reliable and it has proof of payment on YouTube and websites
The site ranking reached 7,981 globally, according to the Alexa network ranking sites in the world
WinTub site is characterized by the ease of profit from it, the ease of receiving profits and the many payment methods, as it supports many payment methods: withdrawing profits via Western Union and Paypal. There are other methods, but these are the most important ways that Arabs are looking to withdraw profits
These payment methods enable users to receive their profits in all countries of the world
One of the most important features of this great site is that it has a high profit rate from watching videos, as some of the videos have more than $ 0.90 in your viewing earnings.
To enter the detailed explanation of WinTube site, open an account and start earning money, read the following post:


It is one of the best sites for making money from the internet and making money at home by selling articles on the site
It's very similar to TopTenz, which we explained to you at the beginning of this list
It works on the same principle, as you will create a new account on Textbroker and register there
And after that you write articles on the platform and it will give you a profit of $ 0.05 per word, and this is what makes you earn more than $ 100 a day and you will earn no less than $ 1,000 a month at the very least

To enter the detailed explanation of the Textbroker blogging site and open a new account in it, log in to the following post:

Mksbi website

It is a great and easy site to win money for free, and it specializes in competitions and is the largest site for profit via competitions and the granting of daily and monthly prizes
The principle of profit from mksbi is "you must answer questions and win money" and it is very easy
It is considered one of the guaranteed sites that create huge advertising campaigns in Google, which indicates the site's credibility
You can earn a KIA Kia or earn half a million dollars, and this grand prize every month
To access the full explanation and registration on the mksbi website enter here
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