How to Succeed in Earning Money From YouTube 100$ a Day For the Year

We offer you in this post a detailed explanation of how to profit from YouTube and how to activate ads in YouTube to earn 100 dollars per day + Skip the conditions for achieving income quickly in legitimate ways through my experience in this field in addition to understanding how to calculate profit from YouTube based on ads 2021 - 2022

What is YouTube

Youtube is one of the most prominent and largest companies in the world for the world of the internet and the web, and it is also one of the largest sites for displaying videos online and providing them for free to all people without paying money
And, of course, the company profits for that. Instead of asking people to pay for these videos, it displays ads inside the videos, which funds the company.
Perhaps this success is what made the YouTube platform offer the advantage of making videos from channel owners
This is what made thousands of channel owners earn more than $ 100 a day and some of them earn more than $ 1,000 a day
Whereas, YouTube is the No. 1 website for the public and the public, as it has billions of users on a daily basis

How to profit from YouTube

As a result of the great success of this company, Google acquired YouTube several years ago, and many things have been modified in it
Among the most important modifications is that YouTube encouraged the creator of content to create channels and earn money from them through the number of views of the videos they publish.
The profit is as follows:
First: by creating a channel on YouTube and then creating an account in Google Adsense that will display ads on your videos making you earn money
And in the recent period, YouTube has updated its policies for those who are qualified to enter into profit and activate monetization, YouTube has set conditions for profit and it is bringing 4000 watch hours and getting 1000 subscribers during a period of 12 months (a year)
This task is very easy and we will explain to you below in the video how you create a YouTube channel and how to activate ads in it
We will also explain to you how to overcome the conditions for achieving income, in addition to many strategies to double the profits, to reach a minimum of 50 dollars a day.
Also, you can profit without having your own exclusive content, by re-publishing other videos from YouTube by relying on the fair use policy

How to calculate the profit from YouTube

In fact, it is a question that baffles many because it is difficult to answer, but for those who wonder how much the Youtuber wins from 1 million views?
The answer is that no one can determine the profit from the number of views, even Google itself cannot determine
Since the principle of profit is not based on the views, but depends on the ad views, the number of clicks, the impression share and the sources of views ((the country from which it was viewed))
All of these things greatly affect profits, so it is possible that a million views can only get $ 200, and there will be another video that has a million views and gets $ 5,000
Notice this very big difference with the same number of views. Profit variation from video to video
How to receive money from YouTube
Receiving profits from YouTube is from your Google Adsense account via bank transfer exclusively and there is no other way, as Google was supporting payment via a second method, which is payment via Western Union, but this method was canceled and the method of payment via bank transfer remained
The day that profits are sent to all those who work with Google, whether on YouTube or blogger, is on the 21st of each month, and profits are received within a period between 1 day to 5 days after sending the payment to your bank account linked to the payments account in your Google Adsense account

Here we finish explaining the most important basics of profit from YouTube, how to work with it, how to calculate profits in relation to the number of views and how to receive YouTube earnings, we leave you with very important explanations that you should read, and do not forget to share the topic with your friends for everyone to benefit from
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