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We offer you in this article to learn English online for free through the English language learning series from scratch and for beginners to advanced level through the best website and easiest mobile application for iPhone and Android 2021-2022
There are many Arabs looking for a free course to teach the English language, and others may search for the best site to teach English for beginners for free or perhaps the desire to learn this first language globally drives them to search for programs that take on the task of teaching it
One of the most frequently discussed topics in search engines is the subject of teaching English language online, audio, image and through an online conversation.
This is what we will address in this article, as we will put in your hands the best site in this context and the best program, and all of them enable you to learn the English language within a short period, and the article was edited by the professor in the English language

Introduction to the English language

Is it important to learn English? How do I learn English from scratch? I am a beginner and do not know anything in English
How do I start the learning process? What is the best way to learn English for free online? When should I start teaching my children the English language
All that and many other questions that people would like to learn English to answer and follow them in this article
Learning English has become indispensable in our modern times
 He was no longer an illiterate who did not know how to read and write, but a person who did not master computer skills and the English language
In addition, it is a passport to accept many different jobs and professions, as the most popular language in the world today is English.
Not to mention the skills (which include speaking, listening, writing, and reading) that the learner must master in order to develop his level and improve his language intelligence
So today we wanted to dedicate the visitors to my topic blog a series that includes the most important applications and sites that help in professionalizing the English language in a short period and reaching the level of the native speaker in America or Britain and even Canada, the native speaker in several months and maybe days
And that depends on the student’s commitment, and his persistence in practicing the English language. The two most important skills the learner must focus on are the listening and reading skills and then writing
Then the conversation comes as an automatic result after developing the previous skills, how? When developing the skills of reading and listening and then writing to the learner, he enriches his verbal treasury and vocabulary store by reading
He trains his ear to hear the sounds of the language to be learned by developing the listening skill just as children start learning the mother language
Let's move on to the heart of the matter, and youglish and Quora website provide you with all levels of English practice.


Youglush site is a site that displays videos for native speakers, but in a different way, all you have to do is enter a specific word in the search box, and then the topic shows you many of the videos included with the word with a tape written in English for the speech that is going on in the video. With the ability to click on any word that you do not understand, the site displays it with the definition, the available uses of the word, in addition to examples of it as important phrases, and finally its translation.
How to use Youglish to learn English:
If you are a school student, university student, or just an amateur who learns English, you can enter words, phrases, corrections or what is known as idioms, complex verbs or slang in the search box and you get videos that provide you with the pronunciation and verbal context, which is the most important In order to be able to memorize the word in your memory permanently, we are tired of learning words and preparing listets in isolation without my speech context, without a story and without a sentence showing us how to use it, here is a video explaining how to register on youglish
Registration is simple and you can enter the subject and browse it without having an account, but it is better to allocate an account for you in order to keep the words in the register, knowing that registration is easy and only needs an email.
To register for Youglish website here


It is one of my favorite sites for practicing the English language with educated people, it is a purely cultural site, it adopts the English language as the primary language of the site, when entering the site or after downloading its application, you create a personal account via e-mail, and then Choose your areas of interest, such as art, philosophy, lifestyle, work, education, culture, and so on, among the various fields, and then follow up on the answers that are presented to answer questions that others have asked, you can also ask and answer other questions related to the field Your job or your specialty.
How do I use QUORA Koura to learn English?
As I mentioned previously, reading and writing is an essential skill for developing the English language, so reading the articles that are presented and trying to absorb them is a feasible way to make your language better, and to gain the context in which foreign speakers speak. Apart from developing writing skill, if you start answering the questions that are presented to you on the site, here is a short video explaining how to deal with the site, or the application.
This is our balance for you today, so do not be disappointed in experimenting with these sites, and adopting them as basic tools in learning a foreign language, and follow us in the upcoming articles to follow the course of learning English online on a limited period
To register on the site and download the application for Android and iPhone enter here
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