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We offer you in this post the best 6 sites to profit from the Internet and are 100% honest and guaranteed sites to earn money from the net for free for beginners without capital in the easiest way 2021 - 2022
The internet and web revolution has flourished in the past ten years, especially between 2019 and 2020, until it has become a source of income for hundreds of thousands around the world, as a result of the development of technologies and the tendency of companies and brands to reach customers and audiences through the Internet instead of television programs
This is what encouraged many experts to create profitable sites that enable anyone in the world to earn money in the easiest way
That is why we have brought you the best honest sites for the year 2020 to earn money and profit easily more than $ 1000 a month, and profits differ one site to another and differ according to effort, diligence, time and commitment to work with each of these sites

Profit from Smoner

It is an Ecuadorian site and very popular in the world, especially in the South American continent
As the site occupies the first ranks in those regions with regard to profit sites from the Internet, especially in the country of Ecuador
And smoner site has many advantages that make it a leading and distinctive site in short links sites that give money to users
Profit yield is up to $ 5 per 1000 visits
The profit system gives you through the referral link, where you can earn 10% of the profits of each person registered on the site through you
The minimum payment is only $ 3
Payment methods via Paypal and pay on a daily basis once the minimum payment is reached
Supports the feature to shorten links on the site by adding code on your site
To register on the site from here

Profit from the Nielsen

Nielsen is a website that collects data about users, for example:
What are people searching for?
What matters are in great demand
What are the things that people do not like?
What topics do people stay as long as possible?
And other data collected by nielsen
Now we enter into something very important, which is how nielsen collects this data?
Nielsen collects data with a small add-on which is a management you add in your browser
This tool has the function of collecting search and browsing data daily
The site gives you money for this tool and you are given money as much as you use the Internet through the browser that you added the tool to
That is, who uses the browser for two hours a day earns more than people who use the browser for one hour, and so on
Nielsen offers a valuable prize to users of $ 10,000 per month, randomly given to a user every month
To register on the site from here

Profit from 4ever

It is a site for making money and profit by uploading files and sharing links with people on social media websites, and it is the number 1 site in the world in the list of profit sites from the internet by uploading files
It is characterized by many wonderful features that make it unique to the forefront of file upload sites in the world
As it reached the rank of the most powerful 6000 sites in the world, and this is a very large number for a file upload site
4ever provides you with many payment methods, the most important of which are: Paypal, Western Union, Payer, Cash Money, Pioneer, Vodafone Cash, Bitcoin and many other payment methods.
Not only that ! Indeed, 4ever gives you 100% profit through visits in addition to the profit on every on-site purchase of up to 50% of the revenue from customers
This is what makes your profit from this site be great and excellent
Saving 120 GB for uploading files, which is a very large number
Supports the ability to upload large files via the link only
Profit rate of $ 8 per 1000 visits
Multiple payment methods including Payoneer , Paypal, Western Union, Perfect Money, Payer, Neteller, Bitcoin, Payza and many other payment methods, and the minimum payment is only $ 1
To register on the site from here

Profit from ClickBank

It's largest electronic store to sell intangible products online (books files - PDF - Images - Tips) and other similar products
Thus, a very large turnout by the people who buy the products online and has a very popular all over the world
ClickBank supports profit by promoting products by users and taking commission on all sales made through the referral link.
This is known as profit from the Internet through commission marketing, and this method is considered one of the most popular and widespread methods of profit from the Internet
It would be most profitable if you knew how to take advantage of this method
According to the experience of successful people in this field ((commission marketing)), one of the most successful ways is to rely on social media
In order not to dwell on you, we have dedicated a detailed explanation in a post explaining how to earn money from this site and a profit strategy of more than $ 1,000 a day.
To register on the site from here

Profit from Rumble

It is the second site in the world for videos after YouTube
As Rumble enables users to earn money through the videos they upload to the site
The site contains millions of users, which makes the profit rate from it very high
Perhaps the site is not that big audience that YouTube has, but it gives a very large profit from the videos that exceed the profits that YouTube gives to its users
Whereas, the profit system that Rumble works on is radically different from YouTube's profit system
Whereas, YouTube or Google ads in general depend on 90% of the profits on the CPC system, which means profit through clicks on the ads, meaning that the views that do not have clicks, their profits are almost non-existent.
While the profit system on the Rumble site depends on CPM, meaning that it is based on views only, it is not necessary for the viewer to click on the ads to win the video owner.
We had previously explained by explaining my work and the video how to open a new account on the site, how to create a new channel, upload videos, and receive profits
To enter the explanation of this honest website for profit from the Internet, enter here

Profit from Neobux

It is considered one of the most famous and oldest PTC system, as neobux was established in 2008
What distinguishes the Neobux site is that it provides many ways to earn money, including clicks and viewing sites for seconds.

It also provides the advantage of luck in profit, because there is a section dedicated to ads of luck, so you may be lucky and get 10 dollars or more in one click.
There are other ways to earn money from the site, including participation in filling out opinion polls, and also this method does not require you to seconds only and you can answer randomly, it is enough that you participate to make money
Also, for each person registered on the site through your referral link, you will earn $ 0.01 on a click that the person registered through you will complete.
To register on the site from here
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