Online Distance Learning COVID-19 and Changing the Educational System


As all the world now face the Coronavirus pandemic, our life style changes, almost each aspect of the world’s life is acquiring another dimension (political, educational, economical..), all activities are being conducted online at home to avoid catching the illness which changes the concepts that we used to know. Anyway, everything in this life has two sides, positive side, and a negative one. For education, it is wore the new concept of the online distance learning which we expertise right now, and which has a lot of types that can be executed in teaching-learning trip. in this essay we will present for you sets of Pros and Cons\ positive and negative points for distance learning, If we want to have a glance on them, they will be briefed as the following: but before that we should know, what is distance learning meaning? It means a method of studying in which lectures are broadcast or lessons are conducted by correspondence, without the student needing to attend a school or college.

 Pros\ advantages\ positive characteristic of distance learning system:
  • Cost travel expenses: students can save the transportation fees by staying at home and receiving their lessons at the same time.
  • Flexibility: while there are a lot of students who have some obstacles that prevent them from receiving Physical education (they may work, they may be disabled, they may have social duties such mothers…etc.) Distance learning can give the opportunity for them to continue and end their learning.
  • Students can check their courses the time they want or the time they get available, so they will not miss any lessons.
  • Since we live in the technology era, Distance learning operation will improve the technological abilities which students have.
  • For shy or introvert students, Distance learning can be a big deal for them to break the social barriers that they suffer from.
  • Distance learning may improve the writing and reading skills, because teachers and students will practice them a lot to express their needs instead of speaking.
    Cons\ disadvantages \ negative characteristic of distance learning system:
    • The most important side of  physical learning is the face to face relationship which will be missed in the distance learning, unfortunately this is not a tiny disadvantage because students will lose the intimate relationships such as real friends, teacher- learner relationship, which is a pretty big deal in my opinion because we are human.
    • Missing the class environment like manual materials, desks, boards, touchable things, and other things that cannot be compensated by screen and earplugs.
    • Speaking skills may recede as a result of missing the discussion state in class.
    • Distance learning is very dangerous for students who are irresponsible, because they will not take their assignments seriously, they will not involve into the classes as it should be. And that is as a result of missing the control of teacher because he does not see them. They will see the effect of their ignorance at the end of the semester after they have failed, but that would not work.
    • Healthy problems: which I have started to suffer from, (backache, hand ache, shoulder ache) as a result of the long sitting on the Laptops to finish the duties given.
    • Teacher will give a lot of tasks, assignments to compensate the place of physical learning (in their opinions) which is really perilous because they upload students more than they can, even if they can do that much homework, they will hate doing homework, then slowly students may be obliged to stop their education as they feel that they can go on with that much loads.
    • Distance learning is a new Term, a new level of style life which students and teachers need to be trained to conduct before, the student needs to take training to move from student level to a learner level, teacher should be trained to move from the teacher level to the instructor level, both of them should understand their needs and their duties.

    All in all, distance learning system is a new concept which teachers and learners need to apply special training to move to, read a lot of specialized articles about it, and scan the most successful examples in this domain. It cannot be performed by only replacing the classes with digital platforms, or sending assignments to students and leave them without feedbacks or reviews. It is a revolution in the studying terms, this revolution “as all previous ones” has advantages and disadvantages, and I hope that we as a team work on the two sides to build a great experience for both teachers and students.
    Written by Nour Alali
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