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We offer you in this post the easiest ways to profit from the Internet by phone, which is to earn money by downloading mobile applications for Android and iPhone through the profitable lootvalley application The best free applications for making money at home for beginners without capital and without the need for advertising 2021-2022
A lot of people are creating an app and profiting from it through admob ads
On the other hand, there are others who do not have enough experience to develop and create an application, and they want to achieve income and profit at home through the phone screen?
It is not difficult as you can imagine! You can earn money through a lot of profitable applications without having your own application or program
All you need is the availability of the internet in your mobile and that you install the Lootvalley application and you will start earning money with ease and in the easiest ways available on the web and was and still is the best application for the year 2019 and 2020, simply is the way to profit from downloading applications

What is Lootvalley application

It is an application that has two versions on Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad
The application enables you to earn money for free through two methods of profit:
The first way: Profit by downloading applications and collecting points, since once you download the application and install it on the phone, you will open a new account in it and then a list of hundreds of applications, games and programs will appear to you
Each application or game has a certain number of points that you get once you install the application
Then, you convert points into dollars and withdraw them via Paypal PayPal or Google Play Cards Gift Cards Charged and Amazon Cards Amazon and iTunes cards are also charged
The minimum payment is only $ 5, and you can earn this amount of profit in two days or one day if you download a good number of applications.
Here is an image that shows you how to earn by downloading applications and how to get points
The second method: It is by inviting friends to download the application, through your referral code, which you will find in your account information within the application.
And that anyone who creates your code will win the owner of the code 250 points, and the one who downloaded it will win 100 free points
If we assume that you have invited 500 people through Facebook, Group, WhatsApp and other social media recovery sites, you will make $ 100 a day!
And now we leave you with this video in which we explain how to use the Lootvalley application and how to earn money through it, and you will find below the video links to download the application in addition to a code that enables you to win 100 points for free
Here we finish explaining the best mobile apps to earn money, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for everyone to benefit from
To download an Android application from here
To download the app for iPhone from here
100 points profit code: DR0PQY
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