Profit from your Facebook Page | Loan Amounting to 16 Million Dollars

We offer you in this post a detailed explanation of the profit from Facebook 2020 , through the pages that involve under the category "companies", which are loans from Facebook starting with $ 1,600,000 and ending with $ 16,000,000 for emerging and small pages under the corporate support plan due to the consequences of the Corona virus 2021 - 2022
Do you want to profit from the Internet through Facebook easily and earn money for free while you are at home?
Do you have a Facebook page and want to benefit from it financially and make money on it?
Do you know that Facebook earnings can only be activated if you have a Facebook page?

How to Profit from Facebook

There are many ways to earn money through the Facebook platform and they differ from one method to another
There are ways to directly profit from Facebook through its advertising platforms as a platform for profit from sites, relying on Facebook ads, "the competitive advertising platform for Google"
There are ways to earn money by watching the videos, "This method is only in the United States of America, Canada and some other countries such as Australia."
There are ways to earn from Facebook from Facebook likes to win $ 100 a day
There are sub-ways to profit from the Facebook site, which is by uploading files to sites to earn money by uploading files and posting links in large and huge Facebook groups. These are called the exploitation of Facebook and its popularity for profit.
But Facebook gave a new feature to the owners of small pages, which is giving them loans that start with nearly a million and a half dollars and end with 16 million dollars.
We will explain to you how to get this loan in detail

How to Obtain a Loan

There are many people looking for how to withdraw a loan from the Internet and this is what we will offer you
Because of the consequences of Corona Virus, Facebook made a great and unique step to help the owners of small pages by giving them loans to build and develop their project.
These loans are not available for large pages, and there are many conditions for you to be able to obtain the loan
We will divide these annotations into three stages
The first stage is how to become authorized to obtain the loan
The second stage, how to obtain approval to receive the loan
The third stage is how to repay the loan and what guarantees make Facebook grant you this loan
First, in order for you to be able to access this feature and get it, you must have a small Facebook page that is not very popular
The category of the page should be "commercial company" and not a page of sites, news or the like

Exclusively company pages

The page must have an official website on Google, and this is simple. You will be able to create a site for your page on Blogger within minutes, and we will put you a link explaining how to create a site on Blogger at the end of the article.
After creating the site, you link the page to your website on Facebook and link the site to your Facebook page
You must copy the link of your site and link it to the page by entering the About section and then you click on "Add a website" and paste the website link and click on the "Save" button
Then you should place the page box inside your site to appear like this
Also, we will put a link for you to explain how to add a Facebook page box inside your website in Blogger, and we will offer you the box code for free and how to install it. You will find the explanation at the end of the post
This way, your page is ready and eligible to receive the loan from Facebook
You will now click on "Get Started" and you will be taken to the section designated by the bank authorized to grant you the loan
And for each country you will find there is a private bank that is responsible for delivering the loan to you, you go to the nearest branch of the bank and you give you a link to guide you and they must make sure that you are the owner and owner of the page and the procedures for obtaining the loan will be completed in accordance with the laws of the bank
Below you will find a video explaining the method in detail
Warranty and refund
Here, you should know that the bank from which you receive the loan is the guarantor and you will sign contracts signed to ensure that the loan will be recovered after years in installments. You will receive the interest without interest, which means that you will receive the same amount that you received from Facebook

You must operate this purpose in building your project and building a company with success and prior study in order to guarantee your success and profit from the Internet so that you do not fall into legal confrontations because of your neglect of the loan and your inability to pay it
Here we finish the explanation, we leave you with the required links that we explained to you above, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for everyone to benefit from
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