Protect your Adsense Account From Illegal Clicks And a Reporting Form

How do I stop invalid click activity? Does AdSense pay for views or clicks? How does AdSense detect invalid clicks?
We will answer all these questions and solve all AdSense problems completely
In this post we offer you a detailed explanation of how to protect the Adsense account from illegal clicks, how to detect and know them, how to get the address of the person trying to sabotage the account and know the IP number through the statcounter and the way to report it via the duplicate clicks form and report it 2021-2022
There are many publishers who make money with Google, the Google Adsense company that millions of people work with around the world.
Those who work and earn money through Adsense ads work through YouTube or through websites that display adsense ads inside
But what raises the concerns of publishers is the sabotage operations that publishers are subjected to, especially with regard to illegal clicks or repeated clicks, since AdSense follows these clicks very strictly and the number of impressions also
Although the publisher may not have a hand in these clicks, neither near nor far, but Adsense policies bear full responsibility for that.
Therefore, publishers must monitor their account movement and report any suspicious or suspicious or abnormal traffic.
Preferably, the notification submitted by the publisher should be complete and supported by information on the source of the suspicious traffic and the source of these clicks, as this information may help in a great way in detecting, deleting, deleting and removing illegal profits and thus the account will be secure and not subject to termination or penalties that may be imposed on The publisher is not reporting it

We will explain to you how to uncover illegal clicks, how you know their source and how to report them to AdSense
First, you must rely on the statcounter site, which enables you to analyze the movement of your site and the traffic of traffic in detail: sources of visits, where did these visits come from, where did you go directly after your site, and from which phone or computer, type, IP number, and from which country and which city is it?
All these details will be known to you through the statcounter platform, by registering on the site and opening a new account there
Registration is very easy and free, and you will find the registration link on the website at the end of the post
After opening an account on the site, you create a new project in the top section of the site, copy the analysis code for the site, and place it inside your site via a new javascript tool, and then you click on Verification, and the site will be ready for analysis and full disclosure of the sources of visits
And then you click on the traffic in the site tools on the left, and it will show you all the visits in time and time
And when you notice that there is a repeated visit and clicks on the Adsense advertisement repeatedly at the same time and time and from the same source of the visit you will copy the visitor's IP number as shown in this image that shows you that the visitor moved from your site to an advertisement for Adsense
Now that you have confirmed that there are illegal clicks from one of the visitors, you copy the IP number and the state’s knowledge of this visitor and then you go to the notification form and you will find the link to the illegal click reporting form below and you fill out the form
You should choose to predict a significant change in my account activity and who you place the date of the illegal clicks that you will get is an IP number from the statcounter site as we explained to you in the introduction to the post and write a message explaining that you have noticed an abnormal movement in the account and this suspicious movement information and you are reviewed and confirmed From it and remove it, thank you and press the send button
Thus, your account traffic will be reviewed by an AdSense employee manually, and these clicks and their profits will be removed
And you should know that you may not be finally answered, and all necessary measures will be taken without returning to you and without even informing you of what happened, so be sure in the event that the response did not reach you by AdSense
Thus, your AdSense account is 100% secure, and you will maintain it 100%
To register on statcounter
from here
To enter the illegal click notification form
from here
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