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The Best Movie Maker for your Professional Shows and Presentation in the CORONA\ covid-19 period
My dear MAWDOO3E  website’s visitors, today we introduce for you one of the best free movie\video maker at all, it has a lot of free, simple features that allowed everyone to use even those who are beginners in the domain of creation and making videos online for the lectures, business presentations, and a lot.
Here is the link of the website: mysimpleshow
Its features and properties are explained below as follow:
 It is really a cool tool to create impressive videos, although its free version is somehow finite, it has a lot of features to produce an attractive video (black and white, colored is paid)
When you start to create a video, the app takes you to the script writing part, then visualize part (the tool has already chosen convenient pictures according to the written script) but you can change (the collections of free available images\ photos are limited, but you can upload your own.
Then finalize part which includes the sound part they add music and a speaker to your script, you can also upload yours
Then the video is ready to watch
Downloading is non-free but you can share it on YouTube From Here
TO sup up, this was a simple explanation for the awesome online movie editor tool in black and white for free, check our video which we made by using this tool, and stay healthy my dear
Written by Nour Alali
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