The Easiest Way to Create a Professional Movie Website and Profit from Blogger

In this post we offer you an explanation of how to create a special website for movies through Blogger and how to profit from the Internet more than $ 1000 easily through it + explain how to install it and how to profit from it and how to publish movies in it | Free Blogger Professional Template 2021 - 2022
There are a lot of profit pioneers from the Internet via Blogger, especially blogging and writing
But on the other hand, many people are also looking for other ways to use the free Blogger platform to create a blog for movies and profit from them
This is what makes Blogger template developers a lot of monopolizing movie templates and not giving them for free. Rather, they are asking for a lot of money to be paid, due to the importance of those required in the web.
But we were able to get the best Blogger template for movies and we will offer you the template for free with a direct download link from Mediafire
We will also teach you how to install the template, how to modify it, and how to place ads for Adsense or any other advertising company inside the site.
We announce to you that, after installing the template on your blog, the form of the blog will change completely, and everyone will be surprised that the blog has become as if it is a global film site and the films appear beautifully, distinctively and strikingly
We will inform you the full method and we will put below for you a template download link

How to create a movie site

First you have to download the template and find the download link below, after downloading the template you have to decompress the download file so that the movie template is ready to be installed and we will put you below the links to download free decompress programs for Android, iPhone and computer
After that you install it by entering the blog settings and then you enter into the “Appearance” section and then you click on “Backup / Restore”
And then you click on the "Download" button and then you select the movie template and then you click on the "Save" button
But before that you have to install an empty Blogger template (cleaning template) in order to configure the remains of the previous template in your blog, and also we will put you below a link to download a blank Blogger template for free you download and install it and then you apply the process of installing the movie template as we explained to you in the above

How to adjust template settings

Now the blog is ready to display movies, but it remains only to adjust the blog settings by entering the planning section and then you will find "Java Script Html" tools, these tools are to place ads codes inside to appear for visitors
The number of ad places designated in the template is 3 ad spaces (at the top, center of the template, and at the bottom of the template)
This way, your blog is 70% ready.
One thing that remains for you is to replace the old movie display sections with the names of your site sections

How to change the color of a template

Then if you want to change the shape of the template and its colors, you can do this easily, by entering the template settings and then to the appearance, after that you enter the "Personalization" section and you will change the background of the template and everything you want to change will be found in the Personalization section.

How to upload videos to the site

It's very simple, and there are two ways to upload videos to your new site (Film Blog).
The first way
By copying the link of any movie from YouTube and clicking on a new post, then you will write the title of the movie
After that, you will write a short description about the film, provided that the description is not less than 150 words, because AdSense ads do not appear in posts that post videos only.
There should be something written and after the end of the description you click on the video button at the top and then you choose "from YouTube" and then you paste the movie link and click on the search button and then the movie appears to you you specify and then you click on the "select" button as shown in the picture
Here we finish explaining the creation of a movie website via Blogger, we leave you with a link to preview and download the template and blank template and required decompression programs and links to move to movie channels and download montage programs
To preview and download the Blogger movies template from here
To download a blank Blogger template (cleaning template) here
To download the decompress program for Android from here
To download the iPhone decompressor here
To download the decompress program for the computer from here
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