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We present to you in this post the names of the profit sites from the best internet, which are 10 foreign and Arab sites that are honest and guaranteed and explain how to profit and make money from the net for free easily, quickly, without capital and without effort and suit beginners completely 2020 - 2021 - 2022
There are a lot of free money making sites that differ from one site to another in terms of how to profit, as some of them depend on watching ads, others depend on watching ads, and some by collecting points and converting them into money
There are other ways, such as visiting websites, placing emails, sharing posts or YouTube videos, and the Internet World Square witnessed new and honest sites for profit through instant profit contests, granting daily prizes, and winning smart phones such as iPhone or Samsung
As for the methods of payment and receiving profits, this point also differs greatly from one location to another
As there are sites that pay via Paypal known as PayPal and there are sites that pay via Western Union and there are sites that pay in different and somewhat modern ways, such as paying via Google Play cards charged or charging mobile phones, Free Fire jewelry, iTunes cards, PlayStation 4 cards, and also XBOX and Amazon cards Bitcoin has many ways related to the world of the internet and money and all these methods of payment were found after the year 2019 and perhaps the beginning of 2018, but they flourished in the year 2020 and will remain and may evolve in the year 2021-2022.
Therefore, and based on the long and extensive research in the most important profitable sites, we were able to summarize for you the top 10 great sites that are guaranteed for profit from the net and earn money for free without experience and without the need for capital

Profit from Admitad

They are the best companies and real and guaranteed sites for profit from the CPA system and the company is supported by many international companies and major brands such as Google, Ali Express and more than 150 major brands.
Admitad has entered into an advertising partnership with Google regarding advertising, and this itself makes it the best in the world in this field of work.
The company has thousands of daily, renewable and long-term offers, and the company's offers are the highest paid and commissioned for publishers, and this is what made it top the list of the best CPA company in terms of the number of publishers and advertisers at the same time.
The number of publishers working with the company and earning money reached more than 724,200 and more than 1,600 advertisers
As for profits, the company has paid the publishers profits since the foundation of the company, amounting to more than $ 3.4 billion
The most important characteristic of this wonderful company is that every day it shows the publisher’s profits the most profitable in the day, and statistics appear to you in the interface of the official website of the company and the control panel and the profit of one of the publishers in one day reached $ 51.700 in only one day!
To register for the company from here
An important article explaining how to maximize profits by proving that you paid $ 51,000 in just a month:

Profit from Donia2link

It is a free site for making money easily and enables all people to register and start profit, it is free from ads that are not suitable for some age groups, and it works in a profit system and earning money through shortening links and bringing visits to them and it is considered one of the best sites for shortening Arab links entirely and it is a 100% honest site
Fast in page loading, easy to use, and unobtrusive, it has a very high profit rate of $ 11 per 1000 visits
Money is paid through many payment methods, which are payment via Paypal, Bitcoin and Pioneer, bank transfer and transfer to Syria via Western Union or via regular transfers and transfer of profits to the balance of the communication companies and payment via Google Play cards charged and Visa Card and iTunes cards and payment via the charge of the mobile phone and bank transfer To all countries of the world and pays and supports the withdrawal of profits to all Arab countries through Western Union and in Syria supports the payment of profits through the famous pyramid office, which has branches in many Syrian cities
To register on the site from here

Profit from Viddo

It is a site to raise videos and the ability to watch without ads, viewers can enjoy watching videos on this site without ads permanently
Viddo provides users with the ability to earn money and profit from videos by uploading them and watching them by people
Viddo pays through three payment methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer and Western Union
For the method of payment via Paypal, the minimum payment is only $ 5
As for the payment method through Payoneer, the minimum payment is $ 50
And the way to pay by bank transfer is only $ 25
Payment method via Western Union The minimum payment is $ 50
To register on the site from here

Profit from Viddler

It is a platform for uploading various videos and sharing its profits from the users who uploaded it after opening an account on the site
The company has a high return on profit compared to YouTube profits that depend heavily on clicks and are not interested in views if there is no interaction with the ads that appear within the video
Viddler has surpassed more than 5 million users in just two years and this indicates a very high popularity of the site globally
This is natural due to the great features and specifications added by the company, which make creators achieve the highest profit possible from the videos
The company pays profits to users daily, weekly, and monthly after exceeding the minimum withdrawal limit of $ 50 only
Available payment methods are Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union and Pioneer
To register on the site from here

Profit from Grabpoints

It is one of the most popular sites for making money and making money from the internet in recent years, for several reasons, the most important of which is the ease of profit in it and the many payment methods that the site provides:
Pay money via Paypal

Payment with Google Play cards charged
Payment via Visa cards charged
Payment via Netflix also charged cards
It also pays you via the charged PS4, Xbox, and Steam codecs
Pay with MasterCard cards to make funded advertisements on Facebook
Pays you via credit cards american express charged
Pay via special cards to buy from ebay store
You get paid with bitcoin
Pay with Minecraft cards
There are many payment methods that we cannot mention in one article
You will get money through very easy tasks that even a small child can get
The tasks to be performed are:
Watch the videos
Answer to polls
Download programs and games on mobile or computer
Also, you can earn money through the referral system, as you will obtain a code from your site
You send this code to your friends, and everyone who signs up on the site through you will earn 50 points in addition to 15% of the points they collect for life.
To register for the Grabpoints website from here

Profit from Fireads

It is the first company in the world in the field of CPA due to the quality of offers, the number and the high profits
It offers a lot of offers every day and its offers are high and this makes them very profitable
The only disadvantage of the company is the difficulty in accepting the registrants and complicating the matter for them
Where the site requires the registrants to send a copy of an identity or document proving the name and information that was placed during registration on the site
The lowest amount of payment is $ 20 and is paid via Paypal and via bank transfer and Pioneer. The payment is immediate once the minimum payment is exceeded
To register on the site from here

Profit from Brid TV

It is an easy and distinctive site to earn money from the net through the videos and suits all groups
The site enables you to profit from your videos that you publish without any preconditions and copyrights
All you have to do is register on the site, open a new account and create a channel automatically, and you will find in the top section of the site a video upload icon, you will upload your videos through it
On the site control panel of your account, you will find many information and settings such as the payment method you want, address, daily, monthly and yearly profits, and tips for maximizing profits.
Brid TV supports three payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer and Pioneer
The site pays you monthly as soon as you exceed the minimum payment of $ 50
To register on the site, enter here

Profit from the Patreon

It is a site for displaying videos, music, video games and publications to compete with YouTube
Indeed, this platform has succeeded in reaching the top of the pyramid in the field of video clips, which made it very competitive with YouTube
As a result of this success, the company decided to share the profits with the users uploading the videos on its platform
More than 150,000 content creators have joined it, leaving the YouTube platform due to the huge financial returns granted to them by the Patreon platform.
As the profit system from the Patreon platform is completely different from the profit system in YouTube
You can take videos from Facebook for celebrities, interesting or romantic videos or games and upload them to the platform and earn money through them.
The company also shares the profits with all users by 5% for each user of the company’s profits, this is for free subscriptions

As for the paid contributions, the company grants 10% to 15% of the company's profits
It also deducts 0.10 cents for every $ 3 that is paid to you by the viewers, and this is a very small number and it allows you to earn a lot of money if you are working hard with the company.
The company pays your profits on a monthly basis via payment methods: Paypal and bank transfer and the minimum payment is $ 10
To register on the site from here

Profit from D Tube

It is a site that has a great reputation and spread in America and is lit up with great confidence in the world, and it has become a competitor to the YouTube company in profit from videos and giving profits to publishers
The site pays you profits via Paypal, bank transfer, Payoneer and Western Union
You have to open a new account on the site in order to be eligible to earn money from the videos that you upload and watch
You will find in the account information within the control panel the profits and views section and you will enter the profile section to choose the payment method that suits you
To register on the site from here

Profit from Dailymotion

It is one of the best profit sites from the internet by watching videos, presenting fun, funny and action videos
The site enables you to earn money through videos in three ways:
Profit through the views that come to their videos that you upload, and this is easy as the site has hundreds of millions of users all over the world
Earning money by sharing 5% of the company's general profit returns ((all profits))
Earn money by showing live broadcasts, and profits vary according to the number of viewers and how long the viewer stays within each video
The site pays you money via Paypal, wire transfer, Western Union, Pioneer, Neteller and other payment methods
You can earn large amounts of money if you are famous and upload your videos if you have an audience that follows you continuously.
The site is completely similar to the YouTube platform and provides you with the Trend section for every country in the world to help you target people's interests to maximize your profits on the site
To register on the site from here
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