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We offer you in this post. We present to you on this page a compilation of the best guaranteed and honest foreign sites to earn real money with proof of withdrawing profits, and how to profit from them and earn money through them 2021-2022
With regard to profit from the Internet, profit and money-making sites, we must know that these sites have multiplied and are worth thousands, this is with respect to the authentic and guaranteed real sites.
Therefore, many people search for foreign sites to earn money for many reasons, most notably that foreign sites are the forerunners in this field and are the leaders in it and the most honest and dealing, and this is a fact that everyone should realize
In this context, they have brought you the best 11 easy and foreign sites to profit from the internet in various ways and guaranteed

Profit from Vidoza

It is the best site among Youtube alternatives to make money, and it differs from international video platforms such as YouTube, Viddo, Brid TV, Patreon or the famous company Rumble.
As Vidoza is quite similar to the traditional file upload sites, but you can include the video that you upload within the websites and it will appear in the same way that the embedded YouTube videos appear inside the sites, and you can also send the link to watch the video directly to friends or publish it on sites Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.
Ads will appear within your video for the viewer, this is the profit system from the Vidoza website, the ads that appear in the video, and three types of ads appear, namely:
Skippable ads (similar to YouTube ads)
Pop-up ads (optional) have a high return on profit
To access the practical explanation of how to profit from the Vidoza website and to register on the site, enter here

Profit from WinTub

It is a popular profitable website with a good reputation and enjoys high credibility in the world and tops the list of the best profit sites from the Internet
WinTub has reached 7,981, according to Alexa website ranking
This indicates anything, but it indicates its credibility and how satisfied people are with it
What distinguishes this website "WinTub" is easy to profit from and easy to receive profits, as it provides many payment methods, which are: Withdrawal of profits via Western Union, Paypal, WebMoney and Payoneer
These payment methods enable users to receive their profits in all countries of the world
One of the most important features of this great website is that it has a high profit rate from watching videos, as some of the videos have more than $ 0.90 in your viewing earnings.
You can also earn money from WinTub by inviting friends, as you will get your referral link from your account section.
You will get $ 1 profit for someone who signs up on your site
To register on the site, enter here

Profit from Fiverr

It is a foreign site for mini services, and it is the first site in the world to buy and sell services over the Internet
Many websites have imitated the idea of ​​Fiverr along the lines of Khamsat Al Arabi
However, Pfeiffer is still on the top of the sites selling services until now. The website ranking has reached 351 globally, according to the Alexa website ranking system.
That Fiverr takes the role of a mediator between the seller of the service and the customer, and you can withdraw it via the available payment methods, which are: Pay via (Paypal - Bank Transfer - Fiverr Bank Card) and through the Fiverr Card you can withdraw profits from any street bar in any country in the world
You can offer any type of mini services such as (image design - video design or video introduction - website design - website template design - selling followers or Instagram and Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook and other social media sites - selling translation services - selling tips and directions - Banner design in addition to many other services that are not counted)
We had explained strategies for profit from different methods and services you provide on the site, enabling you to earn between $ 1,000 to $ 9000 per month + proof of payment and profit, and you will find all these strategies in addition to the link to register on the site in a dedicated blog
You can access all these details here

Profit from Swagbucks

It is a foreign American website in the English language, one of the best and most popular sites for profit from the Internet with the easiest ways to grant gifts and money to the users of its official website on the Internet and grant profits to all countries of the world without exception of any country
It has a long history in the field of granting gifts to all countries of the world and has paid people more than $ 427 million until the date of publishing this post and the number is on the rise, in the same context in terms of ensuring work with the company, the official website ranking for swagbucks has reached 1500 globally, according to statistics Alexa to rank websites
This indicates the company's credibility and the guarantee of working with it, so it is the best way for you to make money online if you are a beginner
The company pays you through many payment methods, the most important of which are Paypal, Amazon cards, gift cards and games, electronic games shipping and other payment methods
You can enter to explain how to profit from the site in a practical way and register in it by entering here

Profit from Youhodler

It is one of the best foreign sites to earn bitcoin
It is very easy to work with youhodler website to earn money and earn cryptocurrencies
All you need is to open an account on the site and you will find a link to register on the site below the post
After opening the account, you log in to your account on the site to enter your control panel
There are two ways to earn digital currencies, including Bitcoin
The first way is through simple tasks that you perform on a computer or mobile device
The second way is through investment, as you can charge your account with an amount that you invest on the site
To register on the site and learn more details about it, enter here

Profit from the Zareklamy

The zareklamy website is a service to bring subscriber increases, site visits, comments and followers for all social media platforms.
But it differs from the rest of the sites to bring followers, as all sites get subscribers and followers depend on the principle of exchange
While the zareklamy website depends on the principle of advertising and granting money to those who implement the services of increases
That is, there are international companies that have sites or pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, these companies request a certain number of visits or followers or subscribers from the zareklamy site and pay him money for it
Here, the site grants profits for each visit, follow-up, or any of the offered services
Your profits are calculated and displayed in your control panel according to the currency of the country in which you opened your account
The payment methods that zareklamy supports are:
Pay by Paypal
Pay by bank transfer
The minimum payment is $ 25 or the equivalent in your local currency
To register on the site from here

Profit from Honeygain

Honeygain is a global site and very popular in the South American continent and is called the honey site
This title came for a number of reasons, and one of these reasons is that the site has a wonderful interface, which is a hive of bees and in it the honeycombs that fill the cell.
The second reason for this heart is related to the first reason, as the nature of working with this site and earning money is installing a tool in the browser and the function of this tool is to calculate the amount of your use of the Internet, and everything you use the Internet more whenever the cell is filled with honey
Thus, the more the cell is filled with more honey, the higher your profits will be on the site
This is simply, you do not need anything in order to earn money, just install the tool to start earning money easily through your use of the Internet
We have devoted a special post to explain how to profit from this site in a practical and video way, so that it is clear to everyone
To enter the explanation and registration on the site from here

Profit from Getpaidto

Getpaidto is best for you if you really want to make money from the internet
You can do this via mobile and via the computer also without any problems. What distinguishes getpaidto site is that the minimum payment is very little, which is $ 1 for Paypal and $ 5 for bank transfer and supports many payment methods suitable for all countries of the world.
Getpaidto site is considered one of the great sites in the field of profit via the internet where users can earn money by carrying out simple and very easy tasks which is about watching videos and answering surveys with random options and also you can site from making money by downloading mobile games
The site also gives you a weekly prize for interacting users on the site, at a value of $ 1200, distributed randomly each week
Here is a photo that puts you on the offer for $ 1200
Tasks required to earn from the site:
Watch the videos
Answer the surveys
Download mobile games
Fill in random information and questions with options. You choose random choices
The site pays you via Paypal, free Google Play cards, iTunes and Amazon cards
To register on the site, enter here

Profit from botzex

Botzex is a wonderful and distinctive investment website that was established in the United Kingdom in 2016
It has a high profit rate that starts with 8.5% and ends with 10%
That is, when you invest only $ 100, you will be given $ 8.5 per day in profit over the amount that you have invested

We will explain to you the most important features of the site and how to make money from it, and since you can earn money in three different ways
The first way is through investment, the second way is through the referral system and inviting friends and the third way is by posting a video on YouTube or an article on your site explaining the site
Botzex enables you to earn money without ever paying money by inviting friends to register on the site
Each person who registers on the site will be given an amount between $ 0.2 and up to $ 150
This is up to the person who registered on the site, will he invest or will he just come to register
So we assumed that you have invited 100 people to register on the site and no one has invested in the site. You will be given a profit of $ 0.2 for each person. This means that you will earn $ 20 without any effort and without ever paying the money.
To register on the site from here

Profit from

Shorte is one of the most popular link shortening sites in the world, as this site is characterized by many great advantages that make it the leading site in this field.
Profit rate of up to $ 14 per 1000 visits, max
The ability to shorten all links to the site via a code added to the site
A profit rate of 20% of the profits of people who register on the site through your referral link, and this is considered a high profit rate for the referral system
Shorte provides a special section for mining in easy ways, and you can collect bitcoins through the site through an add-on in your browser
Shorte enables you to earn money by placing banner ads on your website
The site provides you with a large number of banner sizes
The site pays the money every day once the minimum payment of $ 5 is reached
You pay money through many payment methods, the most important of which are Paypal, Bitcoin, bank transfer, Pioneer, Neteller and Cash Money.
To register on the site from here

Profit from the Golden

Golden is a British and Russian site and is a virtual bird farm that enables people to play and make money on the site
There are three ways to earn money from the site:
The first way is by enlarging the farm. The more birds you have on your farm, the more money you earn
Those birds reproduce automatically, so if we assume that you have 10 birds on your farm, after 7 days they will become 15 birds, and so on.
And the bird's price varies according to its age
Now we enter into the second method of profit, but before we explain it to you it must be noted that the first profit method is related to the second profit method
As the second way is by investing in the site, and investing in the site is to buy birds from the rest of the users in the game
The third way to profit: It is through your referral link, the site gives you 5% of the profits of each person registered on the site through you
All you have to do is take the referral link from your account and send it to your friends, and everyone who registers on the site will earn a good percentage of his profits and be added to your profits automatically
Golden supports many payment methods (Paypal, Payoneer, Payer, Neteller, Bitcoin and other methods)
To register on the site from here
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