Create Website free in a Minute | Steps to Make Money on and Profit from the website

In this post we offer you an explanation of how to create a website, webpage or blog for free for life without paying any money + an explanation of the steps for creating a 100% free site in minutes (news - educational - sports - women - technical - live broadcast - sports) And explain how to profit from it through ads with an explanation of how to profit from websites, whether in blogger, WordPress, Wix, Joomla or Weebly.
Do you want to have a website, blog, or webpage of your own for free without having to pay money at all, and the site will work for life?
Do you want to learn the most important steps for making your own site and know how to profit from the sites, what are the ways to profit from them, how to publish them, and the most important strategies and basics for the success of the site and its spread?
No, we will inform you of all these matters in detail, and we will also explain to you how to create a site on the blogger and wordpress platforms for free with an explanation of how to get a free domain and install it, how to buy a paid domain and what are the best sites guaranteed for this purpose
In addition to explaining the most important SEO improvement strategies and defining SEO, what is it? What is its importance? And how to benefit from it

How to create a website and blog on Blogger platform

Blogger is a free platform and hosting belonging to Google, and it is considered one of the best platforms that enable you to create a website
It is completely free and you can publish an unlimited number of articles, blogs and topics
With it, you can also install professional blogger templates for news, technical, educational, sports and cultural sites and many other categories.
It is very simple, all you need to create your first website is a few minutes of your time and you will have a professional website.
We will explain to you the way to create the site and you will find the links required for the success of this site and its work properly and explain how to profit from it and what are the best advertising companies to display ads on your site to earn money from it through the visits that appear to them ads
How to create a blogger site here
To learn SEO optimization strategies to dominate your search engine and get millions of hits here
To download Blogger templates for all categories from here
To add a Robots.txt file from here
To add a sitemap from here
To create an Adsense account to profit from the site here
Explain how to reserve a free and paid domain and install it for the site from here

Create a website on the WordPress platform

WordPress is one of the best private platforms to compete with Blogger for No. 1 in the web
It is also completely free, but it does not give you full services for free, and it requires you to pay some money to get hosting, space, server and other requirements to keep the site on a great deal of importance
However, this does not at all mean that you will not get a free site on it
You can easily create a site and install a free domain that works for life, but with somewhat modest capabilities

Below we will put a link for you to fully explain the method with a video and a practical explanation for making your new site from scratch + a large collection of professional WordPress templates we offer you with free download links
To enter an explanation of how to make a free website in WordPress here
For free, localized WordPress themes below
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