Double the Profits in Google Adsense and Earn $ 100 Per Day via Google Trends

We present to you in this post an explanation of how to double the profits in Google Adsense and increase the number of visits and clicks and increase the profit 100 dollars a day from the profitable advertising revenue for sites and YouTube by knowing what people are searching for (keywords) at the same moment for all countries of the world 2021-2022
There are many webmasters with low average Google Adsense earnings and they want to know how to increase profit from traffic and ads.
The problems they have are related to clicks and visibility alike, but they really do not know that the problem is not related to Adsense policies at all and has nothing to do with the equilibrium rate at all.
The problem is related to the way of writing articles and random blogs that are not targeted, and this talk applies to Blogger and WordPress blogs
You must know the keywords, phrases, and topics that people search for at all times. In other words, your articles should be popular and target a wide segment of people in all countries of the world, and this would make you win at least 100 dollars a day.
We will provide you with a new site and service launched by Google that helps website owners blogs in a very big way to write successful articles and bring tens of thousands of visits per day and that will double and increase profits in a crazy way, which is Google Trends

What is Google Trends

As shown in the image above, it is the interface of the Google Trends site that you will rely on in this way to increase the profit from websites and the Internet by writing articles or blogs that spread widely and bring more than 100,000 visits or thousands of visits if the article has been approved in writing it on the Google service Trends
It is a new site launched by Google years ago and it has been updated and modified, and it has become a service that no one of the webmasters can abandon, and everyone should rely on it.

How to use Google Trends

It is very easy and not complicated, and what distinguishes it is with one interface
First you will enter the site and find the link to enter the site at the end of the post
You can obtain all services from Google Trends 2020 without having to register
Through it, you will get the Trend at every moment and at any time for all countries of the world, including the Arab countries as well
After entering the website of this service, you choose the country that you want to target and find out what people are searching for, by clicking on the select country button in the right corner at the bottom as shown in the image above
Now that you have selected the country, you will find words and phrases that are written. These words people in the country you have chosen search for on Google.
You must look at what people are searching for and you will find sentences or words that are repeated and searched for frequently and continuously
You write a topic or article on this sentence within the SEO criteria that we will explain to you below
Thus, your article will be 100% successful and will make the post appear to the people who are interested in it for every visitor and the number of unlimited revenue for your AdSense account is unlimited.

How to earn $ 100 a day

It is something that needs some focus but is very easy, and that is by following the competition guidelines and strategy for keywords, articles and competing websites.
This is what makes your articles lead the search engines, which makes you get a lot of visits to the site
We will put you a dedicated link to explain this strategy below the blog, and you must enter it and know it and learn it well in order to be able to earn money more than $ 100 every day through blogger blogs or wordpress, and this method enables you to index your articles in the first pages of the search engine Through optimization
And now, my dear, we leave you with this video, which we explain to you in this way in detail, and we will put you all the required links below the video
Here we finish the explanation, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of all

To enter the competition strategy explanation and search engine tops, read the following article:
To access the Google Trends site, enter here
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