Download AppLock for iPhone and iPad To Lock Apps and Screen

On this page, we offer you to download AppLocker Pro, the best program to lock the phone and lock apps, pictures and screen for iPhone and iPad for free | With direct download link from Apple Store | Fingerprint, icon and pattern lock application
There are many users of iPhone and iPad phones suffering from the problem of locking applications and the screen and locking pictures and videos, such as WhatsApp, studio, or any other application.
Because there are no programs that meet that
In fact, there are some applications and programs that work to lock the screen and lock applications, but it is annoying because of the ads that fill the screen as soon as the phone is opened, and this is what iPhone users complain about
But AppLocker Pro is the perfect solution to this problem
It enables you to lock anything you want through the program with one click without annoying advertisements and nothing else
To enter an explanation of how to use the program and lock applications correctly, enter here
Because this page is only for AppLocker Pro download for ios phones
To download AppLocker for iPhone from here
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