Download XY Game Booster for iPhone | Turn off Notifications while Playing

We offer you a solution to the problem of notifications while playing for iPhone devices, preventing annoying notifications from appearing and blocking calls easily through the iPhone GameBooster Plugin ios iPhone, known as ((XY Game Booster)), through which you will be able to block notifications and cancel all annoying and unwanted messages and communications during Play PUBG Mobile and other smartphone games
Do you own an iPhone and love to play combat games and war games that need focus, accuracy and attention?
Do you suffer from the problem of annoying notifications while playing and want to solve the problem without the need to adjust the notifications of each application and each program separately?
You can do this with the wonderful XY Game Booster program that enables users to play smoothly without any disturbance
Simply you install the application on your mobile phone, and then you open it and then add the games that you want to block notifications, block calls and cancel everything in the phone while playing games
We have explained to you in advance how to use the program, to enter a detailed explanation of how to use it from here
As you know, this page is dedicated to downloading the program for iPhone only
Game Booster iOS app download link from here
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