Earn money online $10 a day by Phone Via the Givvy App

In this post we offer you an explanation of how to profit from the Internet through the smartphone for Android and iPhone through the application of Givvy hacker in two versions for download ((Android - iPhone)) the best mobile applications ((games)) for profit and earn money for free for beginners without the need for capital, We will teach you easy $ 10 daily win strategy via Paypal with proof of payment , Earn money online $10 a day 2021 - 2022
Are you one of those who are looking for guaranteed and real ways to make money on mobile and make dollars from the Internet through simple and easy things from the mobile phone?
Then you should try the Givvy ltd mod application, which we will provide you with download links from Google Play and the Apk version for Android
For iPhone users, we will put a download link for you from the Apple Store
It is one of the easiest profit-making applications for the year 2020, and it is considered one of the honest and guaranteed programs for profit and making money at home and working remotely to achieve a relatively good daily income for those who do not have a job can make a profit of some dollars per day, reaching between $ 5 to $ 10 every day via Paypal

How to profit from the Givvy app

Profit from the application through money-making games
First, before we explain to you how to profit from the application, we will explain to you how to register in it and adjust its settings correctly
In the beginning, you must download and install the application, and you will find download links at the bottom of the post
After downloading the application, you open it and then you must choose the US dollar currency so that you will not have problems receiving and withdrawing profits later.
And you choose the English language and press the enter button
After that, you collect the first 2 dollars for free by registering the application via Facebook, and you will earn half a dollar on that
And you share the application link in groups and groups and in Twitter as well, and everyone who downloads the application through you will earn $ 0.27
Then you register a fake e-mail ((e-mail)) and you will earn $ 0.55 in addition to 130 points added to your balance in the program

Primary earning method from the app

The application depends on the system of accumulating points and converting them into dollars
The collection of points is by playing games within the application and you are allowed to make 15 attempts per day for each game, and you can double the specified number by watching videos and advertisements within the application
For example:
Memory game: It is one of the games available in the Givvy application, which is a game of choosing three similar images from among 12 closed boxes
Tic Tac Toe game: It is an easy game that enables you to profit and earn money in a secure and comfortable way, by playing with the computer online, and you must defeat the opponent by defeating him in the game of cubes
Thus, you will accumulate points in every stage of the game you skip
There are also a lot of internal games for the application that you can profit and make money through
Intelligence and arithmetic game: It is an arithmetic machine game that offers you easy math operations and you have to answer, for example:
98 + 2 = (?) Here you have to choose the correct answer, which is 100
Thus, you will earn money even if you are inexperienced and there are many people who profit from the application and they are in the United States of America, Canada, Switzerland, France, Britain, India, Australia, Poland and Norway, and they have praised the reliability of the Givvy app.
Therefore, it is considered one of the best applications to make money from the Internet for free by phone automatically via Paypal without the need to visit websites, car-winning contests, and win an iPhone, Samsung and Huawei
You can send your referral code to friends and every person who enters the code will win 500 points in addition to $ 0.4 and this will double the profits from the program, and you can share the code directly on your account on Facebook or Google Plus
What is distinctive about this application is that it sets a minimum withdrawal of $ 0.06 only, and this is an image that shows you proof of payment by charging the balance of the Paypal account and sending the profits by the developers
Now we leave you to watch this video, in which we explain in detail how to make money through the Givvy application and the method of withdrawing profits, and we will put the download links for iPhone and Android below the video
Here we finish the explanation, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone
To download the application for Android
Download the app for iPhone from the apple store
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