Earn Money Online free | How do you Know Secure Website or App or a Scam?

In this article, we offer you a very important explanation for those interested in the field of profit from the Internet to know whether it is a fact or a monument and a fiction?, What are the guaranteed ways to make money for free, what are the secrets and steps of making money from the Internet easily and quickly for beginners and how to avoid deceptive sites and methods ((Article What is needed by everyone who asks himself, "How do I know the site is a swindler or an honest person?
Are you interested in what is related to profit from the Internet and make money through the phone, computer, websites and applications?
Are you new in this field and want to know the truth, do you want to know the secrets of profit and how to detect fraudulent and deceptive sites, as well as knowing the reliable and honest applications and programs and distinguishing them from deception and swindling, all of this we will explain to you in detail

How do you know that the site or application is a swindler or sincere?

Regarding the party with which you want to work and profit from the internet through it, whether it is a website or a mobile application, the way to know its truth and guarantee it is similar.
You must take into account two important points, they are the two guarantors of revealing the fraud or the truth, and through them you will be completely safe and you will never be deceived

First: Do the website and application benefit from the users or not?

You must know that the entity you want to work with and promise you that you will gain money through working with it, so this entity should benefit
The benefit must be one of two:
Material interest ((money)) and moral interest ((advertising and marketing of products or offers)), and both of these matters lead to the benefit of this party a lot of money
Among the material benefits is either watching videos or advertisements, and thus this party shares the profits with you, and therefore this party may be honest and we move it to the last point to fully reveal the truth.
And if it does not benefit, know that it is a swindler and deceit and cannot be trusted. We now move to the last step.

Are there proofs of payment for this site or program?

After you have made sure that this entity ((website or mobile application)) is earning money and benefits from you, you must write the name of the site or application in the search engine and add this sentence to its name ((Proof of payment))
And this sentence in Arabic means ((proof of payment)), and once the name of the application or website is fully searched with this sentence attached, Google will give you the results of proving its credibility and whether it has proof of payment and withdrawal of profits or not
Here, the last point will be, through which you will discover that the application is true or the site is true or false
In order to save you a lot of effort in searching for guaranteed ways to make money for beginners without capital, we put at the bottom for you a large group of the most famous ways to profit from the Internet to win real money at home and how to work remotely without capital at all through honest sites, programs and guaranteed applications , Including it supports payment via Paypal balance Paypal, from them via Western Union, and from them via Google Play cards
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